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My First Post for 2009
Sorry I haven't made a single post in 2008, but we spent most of the year in Seattle, due to the high gas prices. About the only times we went out all year was on the Memorial Day trip to Vancouver, the Thanksgiving trip to San Diego and the Christmas trip to Chicago, and all three were made in the Five Hundred. Hopefully, now that the gas prices have fallen back to pre-2002 levels, we'll have more trips to discuss. And speaking of which, I've recently discovered some roadgeeking videos on Youtube. One personal favorite of mine is a user who goes by "FreewayJim" (www.youtube.com/user/Freewayjim), who uses background music in all of his videos. There's a wide variety of styles to be heard, from classic R&B to alternative rock. I will post some roadgeek channels on my blogroll, so you will always choose from a wide variety of highway videos from across the country. I showed some of the clips to Ashley, who is now saying that she wants to start her own video collection once she gets her license. I support her decision 100% of the way, and I hope she can use these videos for inspiration. One little piece of advice, though, would be to let another passenger videotape their trip, as it is dangerous to drive while looking through a camera lens. Still, it's a blessing that Ashley has a lot of friends who are willing to do whatever she asks of them, and I am so thrilled to see her making everyday contact with them, and not just in school either. Speaking of which, she's now a freshman in high school, and doing very well. Wow, that was quite a lot for my first-ever post in 2009! Hopefully, you'll hear about more new adventures on the road as the year goes on, so check back in more often. And by the way, Happy New Year to all!
2009-01-06 13:04:09 GMT

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