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Christmas in Chicago

It's already looking like Christmas in Chicago, as lots of snow and ice have blanketed the city for the past few weeks. Tomorrow is Ashley's last day of school before the winter break, and Jennifer and I are pleased to say that she made the Honor Roll. We will take the Five Hundred to the Windy City, and we're spending the entire week there. But we'll make it back to Seattle in time for the New Year. Jeff and Alicia will arrive from Denver as they prepare to spend their first Christmas as a married couple. I've heard a news report that the fuel economy standards have been raised again, as all vehicles will be required to average 35 mpg or better. This could mean the end of the sports car as we know it, like the Corvette and Viper. As fast and sleek as these cars are, they get the same mileage as a truck or SUV, like my Tahoe. Since Jennifer's Five Hundred gets much better mileage, that car has become our primary mode of transportation. Well, anyway, Merry Christmas to my loyal readers, and travel safely if you plan to leave home!

2007-12-20 22:05:52 GMT

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