Exit List Setup
(EXIT NUMBER)--Route number(s)
Destination(s)/Street Name
Additional Destination(s)/Street Name
State Line--Place southern/western state here
State Line--Place northern/eastern state here
Place Destinations Here
(Place route shields here, if applicable)
A Brief Explanation on My Exit Lists...
This exit list configuration, which debuted on my Interstate 505 fantasy page, will be used in the Ultimate Interstate System site.  The route number and destinations will be shown in white letters on a black background.  All exits will be shown in white letters on a green background, with route shields (Interstate, US and state) appearing to the left (where applicable).  For state lines, the adjoining states will be shown in white letters on a blue background.  Recreation areas (including national parks and parkways) will be shown in white letters on a brown background.  Toll plazas (for bridges, tunnels and tollways) will be shown in black letters on a yellow background.

In the future, I may add some Interstate links where applicable, which would direct you to the exit list of another Interstate.

The Ultimate Interstate System site is a joint venture between me and my brother Jeff.  Stay tuned for updates to this huge project.
Roads and Places Owned by the National Parks Service Include:
National/State Parks
National/State Forests
Recreation Areas
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