Enraptured: A Journey

Through Poetry

"His wings guarded those who slept,
The warm glow from his candle comforted,
Making sure no more harm shall come."

By Helki S. Weberİ

A Page dedicated to the people who endured so much in New York, Washington, Pennsylvania and the whole of America. To the courageous fire-fighters who are still coping with the disaster and fighting to find hope beneath the rubble.

September 11, 2001

Devastation in America Part I

Devastation in America Part II In Memory
My Last cup of Sorrow On That Fateful Day Goodbye Blue Skies
In my Angry Chair We Will Remember Unity & Love will Always Win

Devastation in America Part I

At 9 am came the live newscast,
The television unfolded a smouldering horror tale,
Cameras caught the fleeing crowds of people
Running down the roads with head in hands,
Their ashen teardrops painfully streamed down;
Sounds of screams from the nearby witnesses
Still could not match the fires whistling roar.

 A cloud of dust and debris enveloped the scene,
Explosions rattled and shook the structures with panic,
Then the strong steel tumbled downwards, like children's blocks,
Crashing to the concrete jungle below,
Dissolving into a fireball flood.

 The photographs on the Internet,
Nuclear like -
Unwrapped before our eyes,
Telling more stories of the unholy attack.

 At 1:30 pm the president was on,
He promised on the live update,
"The faceless cowards shall be found and punished,"
The devastation led those around the world to think,
And as we sit and wait and pray,
We hope that the victims will forever rest in peace,
And families find comfort, one of these days.

 Devastation in America Part II

When the smoky air settled a bit,
The city that was bustling and well,
Now a ghost town wearing its sheeted veils
Of greyest grey and blackest black,
The celestial azure skies that appeared in the early morn,
Held a colourless emptiness, not to be forgot,
And still it continued snowing in the streets,
Not relentless in stopping in the autumns breeze.

The red liquid flow, at the moment, just fixed in our minds,
The horrific screams that once thickened the city block,
Vanished into an echo from the sight,
The misty-eyed people who wept uncontrollably,
Disappeared like the laughter on the flurrying roads.

 Twin tower buildings once stood mighty and proud,
Now nothing more than a crumbled chaotic mess,
A gentle giant that will endlessly sleep ever so silently,
In a bed made of ashes and rubble.
And the innocent lives
That had been taken away much to early,
By some infernal believer of hate, some prince of sacrifice,
Their untimely ending captured in time in a torches glowing flame,
Or fireplaces eerie embers.

The cities that endured all the disheartening pain
May never again be the same,
For when the smoky air settled a bit,
The devastation lurked more prominently
Than it ever did before,
Hitting us with such burning anguish and emotion.

In Memory

The church she led them into her heart,
Opening her arms to the hundreds of people,
Her aisle dressed in deepest red,
The white lily flowers were placed all around,
That smell, so wonderful to inhale.

They walked, silently to the seats,
Their tears, silvered, down their cheeks,
Comfort came in the bibles verses,
The choir's songs so full of emotion.

The priest he came to preach of his disbelief,
Remembering those innocent angels,
That were now looking down from above;
Who sat by their loved ones.

A little girl in the back,
Held her mothers black dress,
She did not know how to tell her child,
"Daddy was not coming back,"
The grandparents at the front,
Held a picture of their son,
Memories of childhood were slowly returning,
Couples hand in hand hoping for a miracle,
Brothers, sisters, friends all lost,
In a rubble of twisted metal.

A moment of silence ended the sermon,
But the sobbing still could be heard,
Candles were burned and carried outside,
Where embraces said more than words.

That day the world came together and they prayed,
That day the world stood in silence and they wept.

The Church let the people go,
Her aisles bare and sad,
Those white lily flowers all around,
In Memory of the innocent angels,
That walked hand in hand with their loved ones.

Sept 15, 2001

Nobody ever wants to lead a life of pain and suffering. This is dedicated to those who are trapped in a terrible faith, which could have been 

My Last Cup of Sorrow.

You tied the knot,
Of my peaceful life,
In the arms of darkness,
Caught in a small, deadly space.

Ashes in my mouth, fires to taste,
Memories of loved ones, flashes by,
Clinging onto my precious life,
Holding on, with thoughts of you.

Trapped in dirt, I'm still alive,
I feel the dust, burning in my eyes,
My body lays in a wreck,
Waiting for hope to show.

Walls of thoughts, silent screams,
Won't you come and save me,
As I lay in this unforgiving space,
Feeling alone and cold in the dark.

There I was, bare to the feet,
With things that cut, to the bone,
Melting flesh as, it burns slow,
I don't want this anymore.

My cup runneth over,
Like a blood from a stone,
As I sip the bitter taste,
My last cup of sorrow.

İMel Madas
Sept 15, 2001

The day that changed the world, the turning point that brought tears to our eyes. This is dedicated to the defenders of the faith, struggling to support peace, love and human lives.

On that Fateful Day.

In a crowded main street,
The plan and scene was set,
Our world was shocked,
On that fateful day.

Watched it on the tube,
I couldn't believe,
What I saw,
As I turned the radio on.

Around the world,
The news was flashed,
How I feel for you,
Whose life was blown away.

Bear witness to treason,
Abeyance they cower,
I had a taste so sour,
Had to think of something sweet.

With the sea of sorrow,
I wield a tonne of rage,
Screams of pain,
As all did the same.

We sat in our homes
As tragic history unfolds.
Our peaceful world, was shocked,
On that fateful day.

İMel Madas
Sept 15, 2001

"Is this what we want our children to see and become victims of the future?". This is dedicated to the children and those who make sure that they will see Blue Skies.

Goodbye Blue Skies

As she points to the Heavens.
Said an innocent child.
Look Mum, those toy planes,
Soaring in the skies.

As I gaze into bright flare lights.
Whatsoever I've feared has,
Come to life before my very eyes.
Unfurled beneath a clear blue sky.

Naked in the cold sun.
I'm blinded, as the blue skies burns.
Cold sweat runs down my spine.
I'm deafened, by the roaring red skies.

Did you hear the frightened ones?.
Did you see the falling ones?.
Did you ever wonder,
Why we had to run for shelter?.

I heard one say, Goodbye cruel world.
I'm leaving you, all you people today.
Fly as I will, there's nothing you can say.
To make me change my mind.

Dear Lord, bring them back home.
Don't leave the children on their own.
I heard many sad ones say,
Goodbye Blue Skies.

İMel Madas
Sept 15, 2001

Nothing good ever comes from violence, is something that needs to be reminded everyday. This is dedicated to those who are trying to conquer anger, one of the biggest enemies.

In My Angry Chair

Get on your knees, time to pray.
All that I want, was just to play.
White clouds have now, turned to gray.
It has all changed, my quiet day.

Since then it has turned to black.
Realising you are never coming back.
Morning light comes, my eyes are open.
With my Heart, I still keep on hoping.

Stares behind dead eyes.
We never meant to say goodbyes.
Reality starts to fade.
I watch loved ones, rest and laid.

Can God hear me cry.
No matter how hard, I try.
Wake me up, a painful trip.
Before I fall and start to slip.

Those lives that I love and care.
I warn you, don't even touch their hair.
How dare you attempt to take.
It's not you but God that make.

My Heart aches, I don't care.
I know now that you're not fair.
Falling walls that steal the air.
Sitting in my angry chair.

İMel Madas.
Sept 15, 2001.

With all of our Love, our Heart remains with you. This is dedicated to the Angels that have fallen.

We Will Remember

Somewhere in the night.
A candle burns for you.
The eternal flame, of pure light.
Keeps shining on.

From East to the West.
The mountains to the sea
The legacy you left.
Will never die.

The memories that's left.
No matter how small.
Still marches on.
You'll never walk alone.

What you gave to us.
As our sons and daughters.
In the eyes of the world.
You are not forgotten.

We'll wait for you.
To quickly come back home.
United we stand, proud and tall.
Against those, who made you fall.

Hands on our Hearts.
Somewhere in the night.
A candle burns for you.
We will remember.

İMel Madas
Sept 15, 2001

Unity and Love will Always Win

As the dust settles down and the rescuers rest
From the never ending mountain of chores.
The evil that caused this brutal attack
Has sown seeds that are leading to wars.
Let's hope that the men in control of the bombs
Know exactly whom is to blame.

Retaliation is fine if the target is known,
It's a way to get rid off this devilry .
But innocent people must not surely die
This is serious stuff, not some revelry.

The world has changed since this fateful day
Tuesday the 11th September .
The history books will advise in the future.
But our generation will always remember .
We will always remember where we were and what we were doing
When the news came to us on that day .
The pictures that shocked us on TV screens might never fade away.

As time goes by the scars will heal as sure as night follows day .
Unity and love is what we need now to chase the evil away .
Truth and honesty always wins, terrorism will always fall
The world will be safe , our kids will grow old
And the sun will shine for us all .
For sure, the sun will shine on us all.

İKeith Forsythe 
Sept 15, 2001


This is truly a sad time around the world and not just in America. The more the television unwraps its devastation in front of us the harsh reality takes over and we know that we are not safe, we are not immune to this type of evil force and that is the scariest thing off all. To look into the eyes of the victim’s families or witnesses that endured such pain watching helplessly on the streets is heartbreaking. Tears stream from eyes all over the globe, flowers are being placed in front of US Embassy's in England and other countries as a sign of sorrow.

I cannot begin to imagine how it must really feel like to walk past the ghost filled sidewalks in New York and see that an important part of your history, after seven hard years of being built, crumbled to the ground below like a leaf from a tree gently pulled away from the branches. I cannot begin to imagine the hundreds and thousands of lives that were so unnecessarily taken and now the lives of heroes that were trying to safe any living soul that may have miraculously survived. I cannot begin to imagine the same horror happening in Washington and Pennsylvania.
To ask that one important question that may never be answered is "Why would they do this?" Is killing people going to end their suffering, their pain, and their hate? Is killing innocence people going to make them some kind of idol, some idolized new God? What pleasures are driven out of them after all this happens?
This is a time everyone should be coming together as one nation and regaining strength to carry on for another day. All we can do now is pray that those radicals shall be stopped and thoroughly punished for the malicious crimes committed, and we have to hope that another day like this shall never be seen.
A moment of silence should be offered at least once a day for those who were killed that unforgettable Tuesday on the 9th month of 2001. (Rest in peace) To all those in the land of freedom my deepest condolences go out, God bless you and be with you.
So I end this with love and warm comforting hugs,
Helki S. Weber
September 13, 2001


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