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10-6-07 Thought I would start with a "clean sweep of 2006...since there was just old news on here anyway. I've brought the Adoption pages up to date as well as I can. Sent out Babyz to my customers (Yes, I DO save your you got your babyz better late than never!) Not much activity on this site since no one's been sending in any new hexies. I've also put up my remaining "Babyz & Petz" pictures. I think they look really cute together! Since I stopped regularly updating late last year, 25 more hexies have gone out. I think I got discouraged since I had trouble with Geocities updating--my own fault: I didn't do the research and had a popup blocker in place--Also, something got screwed up on the Links list, and a whole block of links was going to the same place...necessitating lots of tiresome research and linking that I was too lazy to do. Well, I will eventually get THAT mess solved. NO...I am NOT discontinuing AHB, no matter how long I'm taking between updates. Talk later, ok?
10/9/07 A full explanation of the Links List problem is now on that page, and you can see the extent of it!. I'm going to be bringing those two red marks closer together in the next few days...hunting down the links and adding new ones.
JULY 2008
7/24/08 Some revisions done today, now that Geocities is working correctly (It wasn't at the time of the last update.) All the "Charme" link redundancy is corrected, and now  each site has its own correct link. I've deleted the Pageant, 2005 archive  and Braggin' pages--I mean, why bother, right?--and changed the homepage image. Also added to the Babyz & Petz page.
7/25/08 Today I added a bunch of new links and deleted some dead ones. Anyone who hasn't seen DRN's Toys pages or Sui Generis' Clothes pages lately should go there now! Stuff is just DARLING! I'm thinking I should get AHB "back in," that is, back on some links lists.
7/26/08 Extensive work on Links list...moving things around, lettering in the alphabet, adding links to several sections (See Of Interest and Forums.) I haven't used PSP6 in so long I'm gonna have to drag out my manual to do the simplest things! Have to send out babyz & modify my adoption pages in the next few days, too. Yes, I've saved all your emails even though I haven't yet replied. A young lady named Jade is going to be making some toyz & clothez for this site too, and I'm excited to see what she's got in store!
8/23/08 Today & yesterday I modified my home page; added Babyz Top 50 link, so I hope some (all) of you will vote once in a while when you visit. You may now find it easier to track down a Babyz forum. Some newly added links: Babyz Workshop, Aria Love, Sami's Babyz, Puzzle Pieces Nursery, Lions & Tigers & Bears, Babyz Palz, Babyz Playroom, Oh Juliet, Seaglass, Boys, Boys, Boys!, The Teapot...just cruisin' other peoples' links listings in an effort to make this one as comprehensive as possible. Do your bit: If you have a site you want here, mail the URL & I'll post it.  And would you consider adding Auntie Helden's to your own links listing? IMHO some of the stuff on my Tips pages is the best stuff out here for beginning gamers. (Looking at these might save people a lot of forum Q&A!)
8/24/08 Okay...just about have that Links list as I want it! I've added reviews--of Babyz & Imagine Babyz--to the Of Interest list, again updated the Forum list and added a Time Wasters list (just couldn't think of what else to call it!)  Added to Babyz Websites list: Li'l Nursery & Waterfall Heaven. Incidentally, that's my real"baby" Charlotte Duval sharing space with my virtual baby Florrie on the homepage.) It's almost September!! And all you kids grumbling about having to go back to school, I bet. I have to put my Fall theme up, even tho over here in Santa Clara it's still in the high 80s-low 90s!
8/26/08 **NOTE WELL!** Check this area for updates to the Links Listing. Today: Hexies,  Bubble Bobble Babyz, Love Bug, Crazy Kids, Starlit Insanity (Petz & Babyz info), Dream, and Lilly Forum.
8/28/08 Added to list: KatieRox & Supernova. (These sites are not primarily Babyz, but have Babyz content.) I'm miserable today after 2 1/2 hours in the dentist's chair (root canal, scaling). FYI: Vicodin, even with a beer added, dosen't work on that kind of pain!! Finished at 4:30, now its 9:30...poor Auntie Helden's still in YOWL state!
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