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I suggested a few sites, but wanted to go into this deeper, since I think lots of us enjoy developing "alternative" Babyz wardrobes, and storing clothes in a way we can easily identify, pull out & use the great masses of material available to us from many Babyz sites.


Begin with your Game Clothes. Create a file on your comp for "Original Clothes". Just copy them from your freshly-installed game & keep the whole bunch as backups. Even if you hate some garment, and never use it, keep it saved, since the game won't run without it. Within "Original Clothes", create a sub-folder named "Add These." We all have a few special things that we ALWAYS want in our game: some special glasses, jewelery, "school uniforms" etc. And--most important!--you also need to store there any separate hair bitmaps for your family of babyz. Now you can "start from square one" without deleting & re-installing your game! Instead of constantly adding new clothing items, you can periodically wipe the whole game Resource Clothes folder, and install the items you've saved as "Original Clothes" and "Add These."


No matter how tempting it may be to store by color or type, you always need to FIRST store "by hexer." The reason for this is that there is no universal BC numbering system for making clothes: Each hexer works with the original clothes in her/his own game. The result is that hexed clothes overwrite each other with depressing regularity. (Everybody's using the same "new" numbers!)  
When I began collecting, I naively stored clothes "by color." When I decided--for example--I wanted my babyz to wear a bunch of green clothes for St. Patrick's Day, I uploaded all the saved green clothes into my game. By doing this did I get a whole lot of usable green clothes? NO. They were from dozens of different hexers & were overwriting each other like mad! Having a "Green" folder would have worked fine...if I had put different hexers' sub-folders inside it. Then I could have uploaded, photographed, and then easily subtracted hexer's batches of clothes from my game.


Suppose you want a "Punk" wardrobe for your babyz: In your "Clothes Collection" folder, create a "Punk" folder. (Get a clear idea about what you want to put in that folder: My take on Punk goes like this: basic tee's, muscle shirts, camis, camo, band-themed prints, retro striped shirts, plaids, earth-tones and black, torn jeans, glasses, ties, dark-colored caps.) Then, within that folder, put the different Hexers' folders. When you find some clothes that you like, store them there. (Keep them in their original zip files: This saves memory, and it keeps bitmaps, instructions and clothes together.) When you download clothes, try to grab the picture, too, give it exactly the same name as the zip file, and store it along with the clothes. (It's okay to do this as long as you don't post it anywhere....it becomes part of your "catalog" of clothes!) When you want to use your "Punk" clothes, upload only one hexer's clothes at first, then add another...then another. That way you can see what clashes, and what doesn't. (Punk is all about "mix 'n match" & being grungy-creative, so combining hexers' wardrobes is something you'll be attempting to do.)


If you love the designer, and want everything in her style, just store clothes by hexer! The one caution is, when a hexer refers to different colors or prints as "sets" that means that the garments will overwrite each other, so you can only use one color at a time in the game.  You must choose one of the two "sets" offered. (Pink or blue, butterflies or flowers?)


For your little wildcats, rebels, brats, naptime-dropouts, and grouchies, who
just won't put up with being dressed in cheery pink'n'blue...for babyz into the Goth or Punk scene, cruise these sites & if you look hard enough you'll find some cool, tough stuff here:

Dragon Tears, Baby Face, Babyz Boom, Virtuality, The Honey Pot Nursery, Sui Generis, Cherub's Boutique, Bombtastic, Genuine Bebe, FLVR, Bubble Babyz Boutique, Rugratz Mall, Pretzel, Bikini Bottom Babyz (the Medieval Babyz Collection,) Etherial Star, Ginny's Place, Kaboodlez,  Outlaw Heart, and, of course, Purple Flower Babyz.

(Copy that onto your notepad,  go to the GBLL & git surfin'!!)

A lot of girls spend unnecessary anxiety and thought on what they see as the problem of accumulating too many babyz...and people who offer babyz for adoption feed that guilt by having "Do not Folder" as a  condition for getting a hexie. Practically speaking,
can you control the destiny of a hexie once it's sent out? No, of course not! And if a hexer wants regular updates, she's just setting herself up for disappointment. Sometimes the best you can expect is to occasionally come across your adoptable in pageants or pictured on websites...because your hexie is now "on its own." 

Sooner or later, many people find that they are losing track of  some of their babys; that soon after adoption, there are some babyz that are hardly looked at, whereas some are played with on a daily basis. What to do?

My suggestion is to begin thinking about your
babyz family as your babyz game. Foldering babyz, and putting the link to the folders right there on your desktop where the shortcut to your game is, puts your babyz at your fingertips. You can sort them into managable playgroups and pull a different group of 6-12 out every day or week. What I do is: "copy out" into the game and overwrite into the folder. You bathe, feed, change & nap your baby, dress it up, photograph it, teach it to walk. Then this older version of the baby gets copied back into its folder, overwriting the younger version. That way all the babyz have a chance to gradually grow up, have experiences, learn to walk & play with one another.

If this is too much for you, remember that downloaded babyz can be deleted, and special hexies that you've been given & then changed your mind about can be offered in banner form or individually on sites like this one, or on message boards. Gradually reducing family size plus
thinking before you adopt might be just the ticket to get the hoarding problem under control!

My feeling is that--and I know others will disagree with me--when someone gives you a baby, it's yours. You may, as a courtesy, offer it back to to the hexer, if that's what she especially requested, but at some point, the baby has to become yours to responsibly re-home. Re-homing without guilt may feel like a much better thing to do than simply saving a baby in a folder forever, but even if you do that, you can say to yourself: "I will raise that baby later."
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