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* Dress your baby in warm clothes, take the Snowglobe in the back yard & shake it and see what happens!

* If your baby is unhappy, a trip down the slide should cheer her up. Place a cushion at the bottom of the slide and let your baby go down. The cushion will move to exactly the place where your baby lands, as the baby will move it as they come down it the slide.

* Occasionally, babyz will stand up on the slide.

* A colored towel placed in the crib becomes a blanket.

* Feed your Babyz in the secret room and the food bounces off the wall!

*Play "FLING-O": Any toy can be flung so it ricochets around the toyroom...even soft dollies! The babyz follow the flying toy with their eyes.

* Play "BUBBLE UP": move the tub slowly around the room,  stopping many times, to fill the nursery with bubbles.

* Play "BAND PRACTICE": Dress your babys alike, put on their "shades"  and give them a rattle, drum & keyboard. Take a cute pic of the baby band. For more music fun, make the living room into a "recording studio" by  bringing in the musical toys & playing a record.

* If you want perfect screenshots, send your baby to the Nursery, position everything correctly in the room , and then press "Print Screen." Open up a drawing program, , and open an A4 size drawing. "Paste" your picture in, and crop it to the size you want.

* Does your baby crawl away when you're trying to get a good picture? Place him/her on the couch. The wet-diaper behavior and sometimes the sleepy behavior goes away for a time, and the baby STAYS PUT!

* If your baby immediately throws flowers, you can get a pic of him/her with a flower by holding it in front of their hands and snapping the pic. (Your "hand" will not show up in the pic.). Do the same trick to get a pic of a larger baby cradling a little one, or of a baby being "held" by the Big Teddy!

* To get good, natural prize-winning pics, allow your baby to pose him/herself...don't tickle or "dump & snap." Some babyz will give you a little smile and a head-tilt while seated in a side position. Wide, staring eyes and the openmouthed grin are
not always necessary to create a winning pic! Treat babyz as you would treat real child models or actresses: You wouldn't expect a real child to project nicely if she was dirty, tired, ill or hadn't been fed, right? So when you wear one baby out, give it some care and put it to sleep in the crib for a while, and go photograph another!

* However: If you've convinced yourself that you 
really must get that "baby on extasy" look, I've heard from the experts that it's only obtained with the use of the mic: Talk to the little buggers & they'll show their gums like mad!

* For a new facial expression on your little one, try presenting a new toy, or bring out a new playmate.

* Do you enjoy my "Funny Pages?" Would you like to make cartoons like those? The trick is "free association "--simply paying attention to what pops into your mind!--when an oddball picture  turns up in the course of a photo shoot. What does that position or expression remind you of? A faith-healer? A radio talk-show host? A baseball pitcher? Save in a folder marked "Weird" or "Funny" and then think of how you might combine these pics into a scene with more "normal" babyz pictures, or how you might improve them with a modest amount of editing. Background-inclusive shots might be the way you'd like to start, with babys reacting to each other, to the butterfly or to surprise bunny appearances.

* To get a back view: Place an object (toy or clothing) in the back of the frame. Place the baby
in the foreground. When the baby begins crawling toward the object, click once on the baby. It will sit up with its back to you.

* Sequence of behaviors in playroom: 1) Baby crawls in from (your) left 2) Stops, looks to you. 3) Sits up on knees (sideview), tilts head. 4) Sits on bottom (sideview.) Your lifting and placing the baby causes it  to sit facing you. Your sequence of "click-save" with the camera lets your baby "know" that you want  posing to start, and it begins a new range of facial expressions.

* Take LOTS of Baby pictures! Create a "Pageant" folder with sub-folders: Cute, Colors, Seasons, Costume, Dress-up, Funny, Toy, Twins, Bathtime, Walkers, Sideviews, Tilty, Best Friends, etc. so when a pageant comes up you can pull just the right pic to send in. (Those categories represent some of the types of shows that are held from time to time....you might want even more folders!)

* Check the pageant site's last update. If it's been a while since an update (6 mo.-one year) before taking & sending a bunch of pics,
send a test email to the site owner to see if she's still around. If a pageant/site update shows a month/day but not a year, be cautious...that girl may have updated last in 2002, have lost interest in both site & game, and may now be married with her own real baby!!

* Keep a list on your desktop of the urls & addies of  sites who have pageants going you'd like to enter, and copy off the Form. As you send in your entries, star & date the listing...that way you can go back later to check. (Not all site owners are conscientious about notifying winners.)

Ctrl-Y: Go to the Backyard

Ctrl-Z: Go to the Baby Book

Ctrl-C: Go to the Changing Room

Ctrl-K: Go to the Kitchen

Ctrl-P: Go to the Playpen (like in Catz/Dogz)

Ctrl-F: Go to the Family Room

To get new Toyz hold down the ctrl+shift keys while clicking twice on the Babyz Icon. The Toyz include three plants, magnets, a squeaky-toy,and a huge teddy bear.

* If you don't want your Babyz to make a mess in the kitchen move the high chairs over into the two bottom corners, they won't be able to make a mess now if they throw food.

* To get a naked Baby, put it in the bath. When you take it out, put on T-shirt and try and put a pair of overalls on top. They won't go on, but they will remove the bubbles and you will have a naked Baby! Though if you pick up the baby a diaper will appear. (You can also download a hexed naked diaper at ABC.)

* If you don't see the whole screen as shown on the box, you need to change your screen resolution. Go to My Computer-->Control Panel-->Display-->Settings, and move the area off to the right. You will now be able to see the whole area of play.

* If your Baby has a cold, send all your other Babyz to Grandma's House, dress the sick Baby in a warm outfit, feed it three droppers of medicine, and put it to bed. If it has the chickenpox, do the same, except also give it a bath.
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