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* If the baby looks like it's going to spit out its food, pick it up to make it swallow.

* If you feed more than one jar of food to a baby, he/she will get obese. Take the baby to the Nursery & change its clothing to make it thin again.

* To get a baby to hold a bottle:
1. Put the Babyz into the highchair
2. Put the bottle into the Babyz mouth
3.Take a picture (by pushing the spacebar) where the picture box is right on the babyz and you can't see the Babyz
4. Push the spacebar 5 times in a row
5. Let go of the mouse button
6. Push right over button -> button 4 times
7. Push enter (If you move the mouse the bottle will move. To let go of the bottle click the mouse.)

* If the chairs are close enough together, two babyz will drink from the same bottle.

* Play "Vacuum Cleaner": Spread cookies around the kitchen floor, put the babyz down & see who grabs & eats the most cookies!(Good game for playdates.) Aren't you glad there aren't any roaches in the Babyz game??

* Play "Jackson Pollock": Put two babyz in their highchairs with two dishes of food each...then go away for a while. Nice repainting job! (Don't forget to take a picture!)

* Freeze spoonfuls of food...Your baby will enjoy chilled treats on a hot day!

* Download "Disco Inferno" in midi format from the Internet, making sure that the file name begins with "disco" into your songz folder. Then run Babyz and put on the disco record. Your babyz will disco-dance like there is no tomorrow! (Now, you don't have to have the song disco inferno, you can simply add the word "disco" to the beginning of any of the songz in your songz folder and they will disco dance, but the babyz disco-dancing is syncronized to "Disco Inferno.") You've undoubtedly heard this, but renaming the Baby "Travolta" also improves his dancing skill.

* Help older babyz learn to stand by offering your hand when they try to "pull up." Soon they'll be standing & taking a step or two on their own.
TALKING (from game developers)

Your Babyz wants to communicate with you, so the more you talk to them with the Microphone, the more words they will learn, and the more they will talk back!When teaching your Babyz to talk, try saying the names of your Babyz’ favorite Toyz, Treatz, and so on. With practice and repetition, your Babyz will eventually start connecting the words with the actual items.Babyz start out just making babbling and gurgling sounds.  If you play with them and talk to them, your Babyz might start trying to say syllables. Eventually they will begin saying words in Babytalk.
You can also teach Babyz the names of toyz by speaking the word over and over to them, such as “ball,” “truck” or “teddy bear” or the names of food such as “cookie,” “banana” or “peas.”


Babyztalk is just a simplified version of the normal words that we use.  Babyz use Babyztalk because they can’t always pronounce the full names of things.  You can talk with your Babyz using normal words, or talk to them in Babytalk.
Babyz might invent their own words for things, but don’t worry; with a little practice, you can learn their language!

Microphone/Voice Recognition

Try to speak only one word at a time when talking to your Babyz.  Keep in mind that they won’t always understand what you’re saying. Remember, they’re only Babyz! Too many words at once might confuse them.

If you’re speaking into your Microphone and the volume meter on the Button Bar is registering your sound level, but your Babyz seem to be having difficulty understanding your words, you may need to:

Reconfigure your Microphone setup.
Change your IBM ViaVoice® Options.
Do a little voice recognition practice.

Try each of these options, one at a time, to help improve your communication with your Babyz.

* You can make a sick baby get better faster by time shifting:
1.Give baby medicine in high chair
2.Put baby to bed.
3.Advance the date on your computer (double click on the clock and you will get the calendar to advance      one day).
4. Repeat until baby is better.
5. When baby is better set date back to normal. (see above)

* Occasionally, jumpers can give a baby a fever.

* If you let Babyz handle dirty diapers they WILL get sick! (So put those stinky nappies in the hamper!)

* Into each baby's life, chicken pox must come...but don't worry, in a few days she will be all well! (Medicine, a warm bottle & extra sleep does the trick!)

* Even when exausted (falling asleep on the floor) a baby will not go down in the crib unless
you do these things in sequence: feed, change, put in crib, click on mobile.

* Don't allow your baby to fall asleep outdoors, or in the attic, or in a room with an open window. Most likely this will cause it to catch a cold.

* Demonstrate how to use a musical instrument...Your baby will imitate you! You can also play simple tunes on the keyboard with a little practice.

* Demonstrate how to build a tower with blocks. Ditto!

* When your babys are mean to one another at playtime, correct with a firm NO!

* Spread an assortment of clothing around the nursery...Your baby will select the clothes he wants to wear (and indignantly toss away what he hates!)
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