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An Open Letter to the Order
(May 25, 2006)
by Zack Anderson (Fr. Peripetia)

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Anno Legis IVxiv Sol in 4 degrees Gemini, Luna in 11 degrees Taurus Dies Jovis - Thursday, 25 May 2006 EV

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

My Sisters and Brothers,

We are faced with a crisis. There is division hither homeward. It seems the Aeon is progressing as no one expected. Ever since theinvention of the printing press, Humanity has struggled to break free from the bonds of ignorance and repression, with much success. People around the world now enjoy many freedoms that one hundred years ago would have been unheard of. Authority is questioned by average people, with average lives. The seeds of dissension planted by the few freethinking women and men before us are sprouting. A man can go before the nation and openly mock the most powerful person alive. A woman may choose to not be a slave to the chauvinist male mentality that has kept her breasts strapped down and her labia dry since the dawn of the last aeon. A son may choose to renounce his father and make his own way in life. Humanity is freer than ever.

But this is an Illusion.

The forces of the Dying Aeon are not preparing for the fight; for them, it has already begun. Repression and Restriction run rampant. Capitalism and all its crude negations are turning Goddesses and Gods into Consumers. Holy Scripture of all faiths are used to justify the most horrible deeds. Indeed, the current Dictator of the American Corporate State believes that he is on a mission ordained by God, and uses the same pretense that the old patriarchs have used to rule their masses since the Pharaohs to ravage the Holy Land, enslave its peoples, and steal its precious petroleum. The so-called “Right”-wing has used its influence in the media and the press to deluge the average person with so much misinformation that it is impossible for them to render an informed opinion, and then pushes the notion that everyone’s opinion is equally valid.

Corporations run every segment of our lives. The food we eat is composed primarily of high-fructose corn syrup. The air we breathe is so polluted that children develop asthma at astounding rates. The water we drink is contaminated with chemicals
that would kill a man in relatively low proportions. Our cities are built around inefficient roads to convey expensive cars that pollute the air, waste petroleum, and make us fat and lazy. Television is so profoundly uninformative that most people don’t even bother to watch anything more than American Idol and Leno. The Educational system trains children to regurgitate answers to standardized tests, turning innocent victims into slaves of our Corporate Masters. Racism is veiled behind rhetoric, and minorities
are patronized and marginalized. Health care is so expensive that millions die yearly from untreated illnesses that are easily cured given proper preventative care and early detection. Our teeth are rotting out of our heads from the massive amounts of soft drinks we imbibe. Drugs are restricted to synthetic chemicals that destroy the organs they are supposed to heal. All forms of consciousness expansion are hailed by “intellectuals” as the daydreams of a tryptamine-soaked, semi-delusional crackpot. Magic has been filtered down to the dregs and sold to adolescent girls in cutesy forms such as “Teenage Wiccan Magic”, and “111 Spells to Get Rich and Get Laid”. Women are turned from Mothers and Sisters into Bitches and Hos.

It seems hopeless. The usurpers of power and the soldiers of Osiris are dug in too deep; have made too much money to be touched.

What are we to do?

Aiwass gave us the Charter and Blueprint for our Freedom. The Law of Thelema has taken root, and the Aeon of Horus has many dedicated warriors fighting to ensure a better world for our children. Who can deny that the twentieth century, with all its misery and strife, was absolutely what the Human Race needed to wake it up from its slumber? The Stooges of the Slave Gods are stopping at nothing to put it back to sleep. With Television. With Religion. With Prozac.

Will it work?

I sincerely hope not, and if I die for one Word, let it be the Word of Our Law; the Word of the Strong and the Joyous. The Word of that Law which is THELEMA. I have dedicated my life to seeing my Sisters and Brothers through the Darkness. The ancient peoples who transmitted the Light of the Gnosis through hundreds of generations were the Torch Bearers, and the flame has been passed, inevitably, to the next generation. The Ancient Truths that are held universal by all women and men are kept safe from the Profane that would wish to destroy them, or use them for Restriction. My Brothers and Sisters: WE are the Torch Bearers.

I beg you, my friends and family, to lay down arms against each other; to stop petty quarreling and bickering. Remember the lessons of our Prophet, and the Prophets before him. Ego’s are useful in procuring money and attracting a mate (that is arguable, and open to debate), but have nothing to offer someone but a comfortable little hole to lay in while everyone else does the Work.

And that Work is the Great Work, the quest for True Knowledge of Self. Few undertake it, and fewer accomplish the task; it is truly for the few and secret. Everyone has a Will, and some have apparently discovered where theirs’ lay. Every man and every woman truly IS a Star, but we know that some Stars burn brighter than others.

This Work that I have pledged to Die for, this Work that I live my life for, is sacred and cannot be profaned by anything. It is, in Regardie’s paraphrased words, “the work of the Redemption of the Human Race”.

I enjoin you, my Honored Sorors and Fraters, to not give up. Do not quit, for Ours is the Work of the Gods. Stand by me, and others like me, and Fight for your Freedom. It is the only way to ensure it.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater Peripetia, I° Ordo Templi Orientis

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