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Attaining an out-of-body experience


Theory: One may attain an out-of-body experience starting both from the conscious state and the dreaming state

o 1) for a conscious separation from the body, there must be two prior considerations:
---a) The body must be asleep/fully relaxed
---b) The mind must remain awake/aware

o 2) for a separation from the dreaming state, there must be some subconscious cue to awaken the consciousness while still functioning within the dream


1) Conscious separation, starting from waking state
• a) To consciously separate, the body must be relaxed artificially or let to fall asleep naturally
---i) The most effective position for this is lying down with face up, but any position can theoretically be used (especially the postures elsewhere recommended).
---ii) The most effective time for this is when the body is naturally relaxed, i.e. when going to sleep, around waking up, etc.
---iii) Since the body is most relaxed while in deep sleep, one can artificially wake oneself during these times (with, for example, an alarm clock), remind oneself of the attempt to consciously separate, and fall back asleep with this intent

• b) The mind must remain awake and aware
---i) Awareness is also a skill that is reequired in attaining undifferentiated consciousness, to overcome various “breaks” in concentration

2) Subconscious separation, starting from dream state
• a) By constantly reaffirming a certain cue in the waking state, one creates a subconscious cue
• b) This cue will appear without conscious volition in dreams by virtue of the fact that much of dreams repeat experiences and thoughts that occurred that day
• c) This cue must be of the nature that it inherently awakens the dreamer to conscious awareness while still “in” the dream
---i) For example, the cue can be the quesstioning thought “Is this physical or dream reality?” with some kind of test like the attempt to hover at will.

3) Both conscious and subconscious methods can be employed at the same time, and doing so would logically increase the chances of a successful separation from the body



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