Chicks CAN Rock!!! No shit right. Well if you are not a believer, one word, Kittie. this Metal band from Canada of all Places, shows better than any other that Chicks can rock. And Rock Hard at that. Kittie sounds like a Girl Metallica or slayer. To top it off, all the members are teenagers. Their first album "Spit" lunched them as a force in the rock world and they are back with their new album "Orical" on November 14, 2001.

Band Bio (From Official Site, I Did Not Write This)

KITTIE has come a long way since their inception as a humble garage band in London, Ontario, Canada.

With the success of their certified gold debut album SPIT, Kittie has matured and evolved into an even more dynamic metal force that transcends all age and gender barriers.

After over a year of break neck paced, world-wide touring in support of SPIT, KITTIE returned home to an explosion of musical creativity and began working feverishly on their much anticipated sophomore release.

Their new album entitled ORACLE, due to be released in November, 2001, manifests all the fury of SPIT, but the blade of ORACLE has been honed to a keen edge and hardened in the fires of Hell.

ORACLE speaks of a journey of loss, despair and deception but foretells of an ultimate destination of truth and triumph.

What does ORACLE foretell of the future of KITTIE?.... that the band will stay their own course by remaining aloof from current musical trends and set new standards by hammering out honest metal music. In doing so, KITTIE will help bring metal back into perspective and back to the people.
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