Hugh Harries - Tropical Tree Crops Agronomist


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1998 EU Review mission:

Pacific Regional Agricultural Programme, Production and Dissemination of Improved Coconut Cultivars

1993 ACIAR consultancy

Harries, H.C. & de Taffin, G. (1993) Coconut improvement (in Papua New Guinea) ACIAR project 9025. Review Panel Report.

1990-91 ADB consultancy

Harries, H.C. & Benjamin, C. (1991) Consultancy Report on ADB Smallholder Oil Palm Productivity Study, Papua New Guinea

1989 ACIAR consultancy

de Nucé de Lamothe, M., Gordon, G.H. & Harries, H.C. (1989) Coconut improvement (in Papua New Guinea). ACIAR Project 8442

1988 Consultancy for Cocoa & Coconut Research Institute, Rabaul.

1983-88 Chief Agronomist/Plant Breeder, Dami Oil Palm Research Station, New Britain Palm Oil Development. (50% government owned company developed from a World Bank project). Responsible for leading a team of six (expatriate and national) agronomists and agriculturalists. Long term breeding trials and selection of oil palm; commercial seed production of oil palm, coconut and robusta coffee; clonal propagation (by tissue culture) of oil palm. Member of scientific advisory committee Papua New Guinea Oil Palm Research Association.

1987 Visit Colombia

1986 Botanical Society Meeting, Goroka

1985 Delivered germinated oil palm seedlings to Indonesia P.T. Perkabunan II Project Irian Jaya.

1984 Surveyed coconut hybrid production for New Guinea Department of Primary Industry.

1983 Malaysia & Indonesia Visited research stations at Banting, Bakasawit and Bah Lias.



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