Hugh Harries - Tropical Tree Crops Agronomist


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2002 onwards Profesor-Investigador Invitado

1998 to 2002 Centro de Investigaciòn Cientìfica de Yucatïàn AC, Investigator Titular C (also see CICY web page); from 1999 moderating internet groups on coconut - lethal yellowing (CICLY), cultivars (ICCRA), pests, etc.

Publications - see Coconut Time Line

1997 International Symposium on Coconut Biotechnology, CICY, Merida, Mexico, December 1997.
, H.C. (1999) Does clonal coconut material have a potential use in any agricultural system?

1993 Fundacion Ecologica, Jalisco.
The Costa Cuixmala Palmetum: a proposal to conserve national palm genetic resources in Mexico - the "Theme Park" approach.

1993 Consultant to Centro de Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan (CICY):
Zizumbo-V., D., Hernandez-R., F. & Harries, H.C. (1993) Coconut varieties in Mexico. Economic Botany 47(1) 65-78;
Harries, H.C. (1995) The genetics of durable resistance to lethal yellowing disease. In: C. Oropeza et al (eds) Lethal Yellowing: Research & Practical Aspects, Kluwer Academic Publishers pp. 149-171.

1989 FAO Consultant on Lethal Yellowing disease.

1988 & 1989 Consultant to Centro de Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan (CICY):
Zizumbo V., D. & Harries, H.C. (1990) Variedades y disponibilidad de germoplasma de Cocos nucifera L. en Mexico. In: M.L. Robert & D. Zizumbo V. (eds) La problemàtica del amarillamiento letal del cocotero en México. Centro de Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan, Mexico.