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1978 [and other occasions]

International Council on Lethal Yellowing


1968-78 (living & working); 1986, 1992, 2000 & 2002 (visiting)

Coconut Industry Board, Jamaica. Botanist/Plant Breeder. Development and propagation of new, high-yielding, disease resistant and windstorm tolerant F1 hybrid coconuts. Variety collection, conservation and evaluation in replicated trials. Devised novel techniques for coconut pollen collection, processing and application.

More about Jamaica


1978, 2000 & 2005

To advise on coconut LY disease research and fresh-nut export.

Waters, H., Romney, D.H. & Harries, H.C. (1980) Cuba: Lethal yellowing disease of coconuts. FAO Plant Prot. Bull. 28, 139-141.

Harries, H.C., Carrodeguas, A & Romney D.H. (1978) Fruit component analysis of coconut varieties varieties in Cuba.

Dominican Republic


Identification of lethal yellowing pest free area; samples taken for confirmatory PCR analysis.

Harries, H.C., Herasme-C., J & Hichez Frias, E. (2001) Why lethal yellowing has not become epidemic in the Dominican Republic. Palms 45 (2) 92-96.



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