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What is a Harper?

Well, the Harpercraft encompasses many things. Teaching is perhaps the most important aspect, and fostering open, creative and forward-looking thought. A Harper acts as a mediator and representative of the Harpercraft and the Hold or Weyr at which he or she is posted, an official record-keeper, a political advisor and a judge. Of course, the Craft's most well known trade is entertainment, and they do this in realms that range from theater to art to dance to their most conspicuous field, music.

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How Do I Become A Harper?

Good question! Well, first, you'll need to develop a character on Harper's Tale MOO. If you need help with this, just ask anyone -- we're all very friendly around here. :) From there, join the channel [Music Student] (see help channels if you don't know how) and ask anyone who's there. Harpers monitor the channel constantly, and are always happy to recruit. You can be helped out or interviewed by any harper, but only a Master or Journeyman can actually accept you into the craft. There's also one requirement with regards to activity: that you have 10 hours of active online time before you interview. Do +history me to see how much you have. (It's in the format days:hours:minutes.) Also, you should be aware of Harperhall's Search policy. Our policy is to allow any Apprentice who asks for permission to apply for Search, but only two may be actually Searched for any given clutch.

If you have any more questions, feel free to page any Harper online, or send mail to *harper-council. We're happy to help!! :)

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