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The Hard Times Guide to Strip Backgammon
the real reason God made cams

I told you a few weeks back about the amazing new webcam-enabled Yahoo Messenger, which enables camming for the masses. Knowing that you'd quickly grow bored with just staring at each other, the times is conducting extensive, hands-on research into new ways of enriching the online cam experience. In this, our first installment, we'll explore the powerful combination of online gaming and cammage.


Why not Poker, or Pool, or Reversi? Well, backgammon is a one-on-one game, it is fairly easy to learn, and often leads to some close contests. The dice adds enough chance to give even a novice a chance at victory over a veteran. But the real reason is that it takes just the right amount of time to play a single game....you don't get nekkid too fast or too slowly.


Well, you'll need 2 players, preferably of the opposite sex, but hey, I have a don't ask don't tell policy on that stuff. Both players will need computers and a Yahoo account. Optionally, cams, speakers and microphones will all add to the rich online multimedia experience that is strip backgammon. And not having a cam really takes the edge off of the competition.


Obviously, all the standard rules of backgammon apply. You should agree in advance how many articles of clothing are allowed, 3 or 4 is about right. A gentleman will always spot his opponent one piece of clothes; i.e. he has 3 while she has 4. It's only fair, she has more goodies to cover. Upon losing a game, the loser must remove one piece of clothing prior to the start of the next game. The match ends when one opponent is completely nekkid.


Always be a good sport, you might want to play this opponent again. Some teasing and taunting is OK, but don't gloat too much, you may be next. Always be sure to show your appreciation when an opponent loses and shows you some skin. It is not necessary to remove garments on cam, but they should be waved at your competitor to prove that you are in compliance. Garments may be held onto after removal in order to keep a little dignity - remember, sometimes half the fun is what you don't see.....use your imagination. Elaborate strip tease moves always spice up the game, so don't be shy!


Never be afraid to spice up the rules to keep things interesting. One good twist would be to require that the loser immediately remove everything if one player gets all their pieces home before their opponent gets any pieces off the board. Use that imagination, people!

So, there you have it, go get started, I've put all the necessary links over on the left. If you have any more questions or any corrections (or want to challenge me to a match), feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Here's to mucho nekkidtivity!!!

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