Surgical techniques, uses and types of interlocking nails

Interlocking Nail system exporters join the upsides of shut medullary nailing with the added obsession of embedded reverie screws, presented through predrilled openings at the proximal or distal finish of nail or both. When both the proximal and distal finish of the nail is locked, it is named "static," and when just the proximal or distal finish of the nail is locked, it is named "dynamic." The static obsession might be changed over to dynamic during later phases of recuperating. Interlocking nails give a steady nail-bone build during the recuperating system.

interlocking nailsØ The benefits of interlocking Nails can be utilized for inadmissible breaks for standard medullary obsession, those with serious comminution, bone misfortune, and those past the isthmic zone, assuming mesmerizing interlocking screws are utilized. Shave and collaborators have revealed the turn of events and utilization of shut area interlocking intramedullary nails planned with more modest breadths and changed segment modules to permit inclusion with non-reamed methods in open breaks with low contamination rates.

Interlocking Nails Uses 

Interlocking Nail system exporters is a nail put inside the medullary depression of a long bone got ready by proximal and distal spellbinding screws to give hub, twisting, and torsional security. They are the most appropriate for diaphyseal breaks and especially helpful in cases with broad comminution. They grant early re-visitation of appendage work with the additional benefit of negligible delicate tissue grimness.

Normal spots for application are the femur, humerus, and tibia. Because of the curve of the canine femur, more limited nails than would in a perfect world be utilized are regularly required. The femur is sometimes fixed in a marginally straighter arrangement than before the break. This is alluded to as over-reducing a break.

Interlocking Nails Instruments

Interlocking Nails come in various lengths, thicknesses, and shifts in their number of screw openings. There are many instruments utilized in Interlocking Nails frameworks; some are given below.

Interlocking Nail system exporters Types

• PFNA Nail

• PFNA2 Nail

• PFN Nail (Proximal Femoral Nail)

• Master Tibia Nail

• Tibia Nail

• Femoral Nail

• Humeral Nail

• TENS Nail (Titanium Elastic Nail)

Interlocking Nails Instruments Set

• PFNA Nail Instruments Set

• PFNA2 Nail Instruments Set

• Master Tibia Nail Instruments Set

• Tibia Nail Instruments Set

• Femoral Nail Instruments Set

• Humeral Nail Instruments Set

• TENS Nail (Titanium Elastic Nail) Instruments Set

Interlocking Nails Screws

• 3.4 mm Locking Bolt

• 3.9 mm Locking Bolt

• 4.9 mm Locking Bolt

• 6.4 mm Proximal Cannulated Bolt

• 8 mm Proximal Cannulated Bolt

• PFNA2 Blade

• PFNA Blade

In the case of deferred treatment, or on the other hand, if a bone section is trapped in the waterway, the open decrease is performed.

In open decrease, the protection of the periosteum and fringe delicate tissue connections is suggested.

Find the Interlocking Nail system exporters by palpation or with a picture intensifier. Make a little longitudinal cut over the break. Expand the cut adequately for access. Let loose each side of the break-in turn with negligible analysis.

If the fracture is diagonal, a bone cinch, put percutaneous, with its tips opposite to the broken plane, can be utilized to pack the fracture surfaces. Along with a few footing, this re-establishes length just as fracture relation.

If the fracture is cross-over, it could be decreased with control utilizing cinches on the bone finishes. This might require extreme openness. The method with clips is as per the following:

Let lose the finishes of both Interlocking Nail system exporters break parts. Adjust the peak of the two sections. This will guarantee a legitimate pivot.

Flex the break to 45 degrees, or enough to put one section onto the other. Rough the cortical edges, and bit by bit, fix the fracture, which packs the break site. 


Following a medical procedure, while the patient is as yet in the emergency clinic, accentuation is given to

• Torment control

• Activation

• Contamination and profound veinous apoplexy (DVT) prophylaxis

• Early acknowledgment of entanglements

Compartment condition every so often creates after IM Interlocking Nail system exporters. During the primary day, sensation and strength ought to be followed cautiously in the wake of nailing. Expanding agony might be an admonition sign.