Benefits of Wearing 1-11 Mukhi Rudraksh

Rudraksh is a bead comes in different shapes and facets in the market. famous astrologers india.Gujarat suggest people to use the real rudraksh benefits because fake ones don’t work! Artificial rudraksh is often designed and shaped with wild berry seeds or nuts. Real Rudraksh can range from 1-21 mukhi rudraksh and each of them has its own benefits.

Let’s learn highlights about 1-11 mukhi rudraksh

1 mukhi rudraksh

1 mukhi rudraksh is considered as a lord shiva himself. The wearer of one mukhi rudraksh gets the power of higher wisdom and super consciousness. All the worldly desires of the wearer get fulfilled by this rudraksh. People suffering from migraine and other ailments related to nervous system can wear one mukhi rudraksh for help.

2 Mukhi rudraksh

Two mukhi rudraksh is the “ardhanareeshwara” form of the lord shiva. This type of rudraksh is generally suggested by astrologers to bring harmony in relations of husband-wife, father-son, colleagues and friends. Two facet rudraksh gives peace of mind, improves focus, and emotional balance. This rudraksh also helps give relief in ailments of kidneys.

3 mukhi rudraksh

three facet rudraksh represents “Lord Agni”. Wearer of 3 mukhi rudraksh gets relief in the malefic effects of Adverse Sun. This type of rudraksh burns past karmas and frees the soul from the nature’s course. It also cures issues related to stomach and digestive system.

4 mukhi rudraksh

four facet rudraksh is considered as Lord Brahma. People wearing 4 mukhi rudraksh can improve their memory, communication skills, and intelligence. It also helps in getting rid of the Budha dosha.

5 mukhi rudraksh

five facet rudraksh considered as Lord Rudra Kalagni. It gives you peace of mind and relief from all the doshas caused by wrong positioning of planet jupiter.

6 mukhi rudraksh

the 6 mukhi rudraksh is considered as Lord Kartikeya. Person who wears 6 mukhi rudraksh gets willpower, courage, focus, and grounding.

7 mukhi rudraksh

7 facet rudraksh is considered as goddess Mahalakshmi. A person can become rich, achieve abundance, and fulfillment and new opportunities by wearing 7 mukhi rudraksh. This type of rudraksh is best for the person who is facing losses in the business and other financial troubles.

8 mukhi rudraksh

8 facet rudraksh has Vighnaharta Lord Ganesha as its deity. This rudraksh eliminates all the barriers of path of development and brings success in every journey. This rudraksh helps treat diseases related to skin, eyes, lungs, feet, etc.

9 mukhi rudraksh

9 facet rudraksh is considered as Maa durga. Wearer can achieve strong mental and spiritual power and strength.

10 mukhi rudraksh

Deity of 10 facet rudraksh is Lord Vishnu. It is believed that wearer of this type of rudraksh stays away from all sorts of negative energies.

11 mukhi rudraksh

11 rudras are represented by this 11 facet rudraksh. This powerful bead blesses the wearer with superb stylistic aptitudes, enhance intelligence, mental readiness, and physical prowess.