Website Idea - Urban Garden

Summary - The website will be a place where users can come to buy plants, pots, tools, kits, seeds, etc. and it will also have a blog side to it. The blog will include trends, plant care and instructions.

Content - The site will have lots of aesthetic pictures and videos. I want the site to have lots of green, bohemic, and retro style. I will get the content from primary sellers that I would be purchasing things from. I will also add in pictures and videos of my own plants.

Competition - The Sill would have to be my biggest competition. I like how visually pleasing the whole site is. I also like how they added a trending tab right on the home page, which I was planning on doing. It could have more personality in the aesthetic, but it's nice overall. I also like that they have a monthly plant subscription for users.

Purpose - The purpose of Urban Garden is to provide a convient website for plant connoisseurs or even rookies to buy products and get help with the upkeep and care. There should be a site built for this becuase plants have become a trending thing recently and now everyone has them.

Desired Results - I hope users buy products and find a website they find aesthetically pleasing to follow along with and keep up on. It will be a good resource for plant care too.

Target Audience - There really is no specific audience that I can gaurentee will visit the site, because gardening is a timeless hobby. Anyone ages 15-100 I would say could enjoy it. I will mainly be targeting Gen Z and millenials with my style though. I also am going to make the website gender neutral while sticking to my style.