* Batangas Port Information *

A.for bulk/breakbulk cargo

1. Sta. Clara Pier (Gov't Pier : 2 berths for gen. cargo vessel)

  North Pier : LOA 110m / Draft 11m
  West Pier : LOA 230m / Draft 10m
2. Private Pier
  2-1. AG & P pier : LOA 240m / Draft 7.5m 
  2-2. Napocor pier : LOA 200m / Draft 13m. for coal disch.
          2 stationary crane with hopper and conveyor
  2-3. PNOC per - Marginal berth : LOA 65m (max.180m) / Draft 7.5m
                - Triangular berth : LOA 62m (max.190m) / Draft 10.5m - direct to truck disch
   2-4. Bacnotan pier : LOA 135m (max.195m) / Draft 13-14m. Located at Balayan Bay
       P/S: Lat 13-45'N, Long 120-48'E

   2-5. Cable & Wireless pier (non-commercial)
       Dolphin & Finger pier w/ draft 10m      located at San Andres, Bauan

   2-6. Himmel Industries pier (non-commercial)  : max.30,000 DWT berth alongside / draft 12m
             located at Pinamukan
   2-7. Purefoods pier (non-commercial)  :   4 breasting dolphins / Draft 14m
       for wheat grain, flour, bran, pollard by unloader/conveyor
       one unit of unloader w/rate 250mt/hr
    2-8. Farmix pier
    2-9. General Milling Corp. (GMC)  : LOA 200m / Draft 11.5m
        for wheat grain, flour, bran. 
        one unit of unloader w/rate 125mt/hr
   2-10. Lucky Cement Corp. : LOA 245m / Draft 12.0m
        newly constructed ('01).
        Cement clinker : disch rate 5,000mt/day thru hopper and conveyor

B. Liquid/Tanker

1. Shell Phils. Tabangao pier
  loading at Jetty. loading rate abt 250mt/hr/line
2. Batangas Bay Terminal : causeway LOA 290m / Draft 12m ,  located at Bolo, Bauan.
  for Fertilizer, Coconut Oil, Molasses,
3. JG Summit Petrochemical pier : Propylene, Tehylene, Hexane, Hexene & BFO
      can accommodate upto 50,000 DWT discharging propylene   
4. Pinamukan (Chemphil) pier : bulk chemicals w/capacity of 40,000 DWT
    Raw Material berth : Draft 15.7m (offshore structure)
    Oil Jetty : Draft 6.63m (part of reclaimed land)
5. Caltex pier

Bacnotan Pier
Batangas Government Pier
Bacnotan Pier at Balayan Bay
PNOC Marginal Pier
PNOC Tri-angular Pier
AG&P Pier
Gov't Pier
Farmix Pier
Lucky Cement Pier
Batangas Bay Terminal
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