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Hangtime96 UFO Page

Welcome to My COSCON Section .

The COSCON \ MAJAVE Files are making their rounds through out the Web , dated September 1995 , They are written by :" Brandon " , a anonymous UFO Researcher . Branton is also a code name used in many of the pages we share related to UFO cover-up .


AI-Triad and underground bases.

Project Beta and Gray aliens.

Alien quotes from prominent sources.

When you know too much.......??

The Chupas...UFO horror stories from Brazil.

Apocalypes now.....

Contactee's and Reptoids.

Mind Control and Assinations.

NASA's failures and UFO's.

Implants and our government.

Dulce and Underground Bases.

Operation Paperclip and Maurey Isl. UFO Case.

Jason Bishop's Dulce Report.

Evademic and Draconian Species.

Asteroids Around Earth.

Greys, Orions, and Giza

MJ-12 Interrogation

Linda's Abduction

Linda and Doty - MJ-12 Documents

Discovery of Ancient petroglyphs and Mutilations


John Lear and the underground

Military Abductions and Interrogations


Gray and Nordic confortations

Nevada test sight

Other solar systems

Abductors and abductees

S.E.T.I. - its problems

A strange letter to Valerian

Dr. Otto Strove, Astrophysicist

Shurula Dux, resident of Telos, Mt. Shasta

Valdimir Terziski; Nazis and the Grays

Dulce base secruity officer speaks out

UFO sighted, Alien down

Another covert operation

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