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Website design has a set of ideas, beauties and creations that can be implemented and implemented using programming science.

According to Hamilton Web Design Company, web design involves many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites, and various fields of web design include web graphic design.

 The term web design is commonly used to describe the design process related to the design (customer side) of the website, including sign writing. Web design covers part of web engineering in the broader scope of web development.

Concept of site design


Web design is the display format and graphic design of the pages on a website, which represents the content and contents of the website. The web design is the visual effect of the website and is the first part of a web page that engages the mind of the audience. The web designer, taking into account the purpose of the site and its audience, and using factors appropriate to the site's approach, and using his creative mind and artistic taste in using dimensions and colors, creates a design that, while creating integration in all web pages, It does not convey repetitive and tedious to the visitor. The site should use a fixed pattern on the pages so that the user notices when browsing the pages that all pages are on the same site.

Website design price

The price of website design depends exactly on the type of request and expectation that you have from your website. For this reason, no company will give you an exact price without knowing what your goal is for website design and what kind of performance you expect from it. The price of website design varies from company to company, but the thing to always keep in mind is to consider the background of the website design company, because experience and work experience in web design is very important and will be the key to the success of your website. Paying more will not always lead to the success of your website. It is important that the web design company understands your purpose of creating a website and offers the best solutions to implement it at the lowest possible price.


Factors influencing the price of site design

• Domain Registration: The domain name of the website whose registration price is for domains. .ca Other domains are different.

• Hosting: The cost of hosting depends on the amount of space and bandwidth required for the website.

Graphic Design: A unique website should be implemented and implemented by design that may be considered based on a variety of pricing designs.

• Implementation of web pages: The site is connected in terms of programming and graphics and the base of the site is designed.

• Insert information of web pages: Website information including texts and images is uploaded by the special operator of inserting information in the site.

Website security: To increase the security of the website, you should check the security of the site and hosting program in terms of security.

• Website optimization: After completing the work of the website optimization specialist, the site should be checked for SEO standards.

• Website support: If there is a problem in a part of the site, the relevant unit will fix the problem immediately.

Support Site

Site support includes different services that may have different specifications for each site design company, such as: performing site technical work, performing regular updates, resolving possible problems that may arise on the site, site maintenance, making changes and Corrections on the site and…. Note that after concluding a contract with the site design company, determine the site support services for them.

Site support is divided into two categories or branches:

1. Site technical support

۲. Content support

Technical support of the site refers to all the tasks that require expertise, experience and skills to do. These activities are usually directly related to the site's core life activity. This means that if the work is not done on time, the site may be out of reach of the user; And can no longer provide services to the client.

Content support of the site refers to all tasks that are directly related to the production of content. Such as placing an article on the site, arranging and producing content for different pages of the site and ...


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