Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie/Adventure
On a distant planet lives a Great Wizard named Lerigot. He is the keeper of a Golden Key which unlocks the dimensional gateways of the universe.
Lerigot is hunted by Divatox, a wicked Galactic Pirate, who needs the wizrds power to release a terrible demon-like creature.
Her plan is to join with him in a sinister marriage and bring forth a reign of terror upon the Galaxy.
Lerigot's only chance is to seek the help of powerful friends. But first he must escape his planet and make his way to Earth...
I'm sorry to sat that when I first saw the Turo Movie I hated it. I just didn't like the idea of Rocky being replaced by Justin and i knew that all the Rangers were going to be replaced in the series. I love it now, but unlike the other Movie, the Turbo Movie is just like an exptended episode and not a big budget film (I've even seen budget statistics). The thing that puzzles me is hat over here it is called Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, yet elsewhere, as we can see on the pic above, it's called Turbo: A Power Rangers Adventure. Weird. Anyway I can safely say it's a fave in my vid collection, along with the other Ranger Movie.

Best Bit:

Worst Bit:

Funniest Bit:

Saddest Bit: Besides all the Liarian stuff, I Cried and cried when Rocky got hurt. My cat bit me for God's sake.

Fave Quote:
Divatox: Hells Bells, what is going on now
Elgar: Censors detect the presence of five humans but no vessel
Divatox: What are they, swimming, we're in the middle of the blasted ocean
Elgar: Whatever they're travelling on is totally undetectable
Divatox: Oh no, Zordon's little Power Pukes no doubt. Why didn't the radar alert us
Elgar: I guess it need fixing
Divatox: Nevermind. I'll just leave a little something for the Power Parisites to remeber me by.

Worst Quote: Yet another 'TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!' from Kat. Although she could be excused because this time Tommy was the only one there for her to call.

Best Stunt:

Best Song on Soundtrack:

Fault in the filming: When Kat and Tommy are washed up in Africa, in one shot Kat has the lifejacket on and in the next shot it's gone. It can't just disappear so where did it go?

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