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November 16, 2012

Peru is the shithole of the world. The people are shit, the country is covered in human shit and stinking of it and garbage blows across the desert sands. The people are rude, duplicitous chislers just looking to steal a sol off you. None of them is curious in any way. The women are butt ass ugly, potato sack bodies with stubby arms and legs. Nobody has any manners. The people just stare and honk and whistle.

What a shame the Spanish were not more thorough here. They might have wiped out every trace of these idiots so that the country could be re-populated with better people. What a shame.

At least Peruvian cuisine -- the one decent thing they have -- has been exported from the country to restaurants around the world. That means unless you are an archaeologist studying Inca ruins, there is absolutely no reason at all to come here. Andes Mountains you can see in better countries like Colombia and further south, especially in Argentina. Spanish colonial architecture is everywhere in South America. Desert you can find in other places. Amazon too.

I have found also that being rude, openly cursing Peruvians to their faces, leering at them, giving them the middle finger whenever they stare at me, never using please and thank you, never waiting in line at stores or shops and restaurants just butting in and yelling at someone OYE!, and then if they are a short person (which they always are), calling them pequeno, or chico even if they are older. In other words, totally insulting these idiots every chance I get -- when I do that they call me senor and show me respect. Then they start thanking me. What fucking morons these indios are.

So now I go around calling people maricon to their faces, flicking them off, cursing them also in english for fun, leering at them, invading their personal space and pushing them -- pretty much openly challenging them -- and this makes them be respectful.

Clearly they are slaves. They need someone (perhaps a tall white man) to submit them and send them back into the gold mines. The Spanish had the right idea. They are a slave people. They respond well to abuse.

Yes, they come from a once noble culture, but that is gone, long gone. They now live in their own feces and trash. They deserve to be either enslaved or wiped out, and since the latter cannot happen they should be controlled by superior men and put to work. Peruvians need a strong master who carries a whip.

Fuck Peru. Fuck it deep and hard and make it bleed!