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Make this Dua often: "O Allaah,  I ask You by Your  power and  by my own shame to have mercy
on me. I ask You by  Your strength and  my own weakness, by Your  self-sufficiency  and my own dependence. To You I  submit my lying,  sinful forelock. You  have many slaves besides me,  but I have no Master except You.  I have no refuge or escape from  You except with You. I beseech you
in the  manner of a poor and  destitute man, I pray to you with the prayer of one who is humble, I call upon  you with the  supplication of one  who is  blind and afraid. This is a plea  from one whose head is humbled before You, whose nose is in the dust, whose  eyes are filled with tears and whose heart has submitted to You."
            Pray to the Almighty

To be straightforward with sincerity and truthfulness.

To be aware of and have regret for ones faults, rather than finding fault with others.
To be free from the preoccupation, worry, vanity and obsessive ambition over the world and the worldly.
To be indifferent to the praise or blame of the general public.
To do what one does for Allah's sake -- not for the desire for reward or the fear of punishment.
To adopt an appropriate humility and invisibility in public.
To serve for the good of one's brothers and sisters with all one's physical and other resources.
To seek to heal any wound you may have caused to another, and correct any misunderstanding as soon as possible.
To be patient with difficulties.
To be indifferent to favor or benefit for oneself, for "receiving one's due".
To be free of spiritual envy and ambition, including the desires to lead or teach even without the requisite qualities.
To strive to increase one's knowledge.
To be willing to struggle with one's ego as much as it prevents one from following proper adab (social manners), and to realize that the greatest ally is Love.
To seek company with those whose etiquette is genuine and better than you and whose practical knowledge of Deen is greater than yours.
To treasure ones family and to nurture true friendships.
To learn how to accept justified criticism.
To seek instead to make one's practices more and more inwardly sincere, rather than outwardly apparent.
To realize that we are all human and some days we are better than others & vice - versa.

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