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Telugu Movie veerabhadra Quick Review

veerabhadra telugu movie, actress sada

Direction is not impressive. Director successfully confused in narration. Entire story presented in bits and pieces and your memory has to be used fully to join all the bits and understand the story going on. The story starts from middle of the story described above and flash back stabbing will try to fill the gap of missed links. This flash back (stabbing) syndrome is a pet for many directors and a nightmare for audience. Dialogues lack creativity. Useless scenes eat many reels at our cost.Logic lost its track in many scenes.This may be fate for directors who try to direct a film with top heroes , after their success with small heroes.(The director directed Yagnam which went well ) .You can watch the movie for New comer Tanu Sri Dutta, and to notice some new trends in Balakrishna actions.Sada is ok but some of her scenes are vulgar.

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