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King Kong 2005

King Kong 2005
King kong was dubbed into telugu and all rural, urban telugu audience with taste for hollywood movies viewed this. People generally liked this movie for its rich green locations, and the fantastic fantasy plot. We can also enjoy the scenary, back drops and decorations. Sound effects are good. In the new movie naomi acted as dwan while in the old king kong movie(1976) Jessica Lange acted. When compared, old movie fared better in heroine action and appeal. Lagrange is a bit more attractive and romantic in many scenes than Naomi watts. For easthetic values previous version of king kong is better. The story has not changed from old movie to new movie. Scenes are also copied in many places. Worth to take children for this movie. Or we can watch to give some relief to our brain which would be always watching movies with suspense and tension. Dubbing is ok.
Marks:60%king kong telugu filmking kong old film

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