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Telugu Movie Boss I Love You Review

boss i love you movie, nagarjuna, poonam
Movie is ordinary. But some action is there from nagarjuna. Immature handling of story, events, direction . Nag could control his penchant to jump with heroines to some extent only. Story is about a boss and his secretery. Story has resemblance with his Dad's movies prem nagar, secretary. Unnecessary importance for a simple secretary in a construction office. But what we like to see is a small bit of atmosphere of business mentality in the hero and the plights of a lady secretary with a ego boss. All expert actors joined together in this movie and contributed nothing. Just it can be watched for a change. Sreya swept away in sunami (malaysia) is a special attraction in this movie! Remarks: though Brahmanandam role is avarage, his comedy track is a straight lift from Soldier hindi movie; The same is already used by telugu movies already ruthlessly. The role carving of nagarjuna is not good . Since the roles are played by nag and nayanatara they were glamourous otherwise they are amorous.Roles by nazar and sumalatha were well deglamorised and the couple succeeded in making the roles pale. Even shayaji shinde was wasted miserably. lesson learnt is every tom dick and harry can not take a reasonable movie with top stars. Rating:60%

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