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Telugu Movie Bommarillu

bommarillu movie
Bommarillu: This is a much awaited movie from the fans of siddhartha. Siddhartha has come up to a good position within 5 movies experience but worthy movies, including rang de basanti. Siddhartha, jennelia, prakash raj acted in this movie. This movie is a good movie but not excellent. worth seeing because of good presentation, screen play by Bhasker. Siddhartha acted well, which is just extension of his normal action, but this action is less than the action of nuvvu vastanante movie. Jennelia improved a lot and acted well as per the director's direction. Her role creation is good and it is entirely different from many heroine roles. She steals the show (from critic's point of angle). The story is about the too commanding, pampering Dad and the freedom wanted son. Son is siddhartha and Dad is prakash raj. Son respects Dad and prefers to loose every time to make his father win. What is winning? agreeing to father's directions and working as per his wishes. But siddhartha wanted atleast in two things he should have freedom. One in job and the other in selection of girl for him. Rating:75%

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