Sketches of Some Pioneer Ancestors of
John William, Eliza Jane, Virginia Belle, Helen Louise, William Eugene, David Drury
Virginia's son, Ross, John William, Jr.
Created for the descendants of their children
John William Sholar
Eliza Jane Steger
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3 "grandfathers" at Jamestown 1610: John Thomas, Robert Wild, John Chandler; John Gates earlier and Isaac Madison       arrives 1619

Scotish prisoner sent to the iron mines finds success: William Cahoone [1635-1675]

- The Smithsonian digs up "grandfather" Joseph Bridger [1656-1712]  

Lady Alice Needham [1659-1729] and William Bryan [1655-1744]elope to the new world.

Elizabeth Kaidyee Blaikley [1696-1771]delivers 3,000 babies at Williamsburg

- An English ship building family comes to America - the Flower

- Frances George Steger [1702-1769] leaves the Barbados sugar plantation for life in Virgini

27 Feb 1776: "grandfathers"  and ""uncles" at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

More on the 3 William Whitfields

Early clergy: The Revs. Robert Braswell [1611-1678], Robert MacLaurine [1717-1773], Pleasant Gold [1773-1832]

1744-1877 The Peachers: wars, crime, successes, failures

1795 Buckner Killebrew and Mary Whitfield go west

"Giants" in the family

DAR/SAR ancestors

For the full account of the ancestors of John and JANE with documentation see
The Ancestors of JOHN WILLIAM SHOLAR and ELIZA JANE STEGER by Alice Louise Guinn. 
     Part I,
Ancestors of JOHN WILLIAM SHOLAR available to family in 2005
   Part II,
Ancestors of ELIZA JANE STEGER available to family in 2009?
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Virginia Belle

Helen Louise
William Eugene

David Drury

John William, Jr.
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