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On January 6th, 2001 Visalia CA hosted the U.S. premeire of Deadly Scavengers!!! In attendance were producers Ron and Paula Ford along with cast members Roxanne Coyne, Mark Shady, and of course yours truly.....The Bug.....Chris Mackey!
Along with food, drink, and great conversation we were treated to trailers from the video, footage of the inside world of The Bug, and of course the movie itself. The crowd ooohed, ahhhhed, and screamed right along with this action packed video. Be sure to get YOUR copy when it's released. You don't want to miss it! (of course.......you may never look at the common pesky cockroach in quite the same way again......*snickering*)

Buried.com critiques Deadly Scavengers.....

"Deadly Scavengers (2001) - [The Gravedigger]
After a scientist is killed and his daughter disappears from their secret lab in the desert, it's up to an elite mercenary team to find her--and what they discover is a giant man-sized cockroach that's been hunting humans in the area. For the most part the giant roach costume, created by Mike Strain, is decent when shown with brevity and actor Tim Sullivan, as one of the mercenaries, thankfully tones down his performance. He eventually gets his bald head exploded. Roxanne Coyne also portrays one of the hired guns. Written, directed and photographed by Ron Ford for Vista Street Entertainment. "

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STREAMING DS on internet,with alternate cover.

"We appreciate the B-Movie Underdog, with utmost respect and love. How many actors and their movies get overlooked? So enjoy these unsung performers, as we sing their praise perhaps off key"

-Chris Mackey

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Newsgroups:obituaries Local: Thurs, Mar 10 2005 11:57 pm Subject: Melanie McGuire, actress ("Deadly Scavengers") The few reviews I could find of "Deadly Scavengers" all agree on one thing: it is total crap! A ridiculous giant bug movie with lousy special effects. In other words, I gotta see it! Melanie McGuire played "Suzi Uzi" in it. Apparently, it was her only film role. Here's her obit from the LA Daily News- MELANIE ELIZABETH McGUIRE Vivacious and compassionate, Melanie embraced life as well as her extended family of friends. She always thought of others and how she could help meet their needs. Born February 8, 1963, she passed away suddenly on March 3, 2005. Her passions were yoga, AA, Alanon and Disneyland. She absolutely lived! We who were touched by her will carry with us the spark of her spirit and love forever.