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Our Lady Of Al-Natour Monastery

Our Lady of Al-Natour monastery, standing on the cape of Al-Natour, was built by the Crusaders on Byzantine ruins. The monastery is surrounded by large fields of the myrtle (Myrtus Ugni), a nearly extinct plant on the Lebanese coast.

The Monastery's Square                                   The Wall Paints

The French Artists Drawing the walls Of The Church, You should see it from inside to see how it's great and beautiful.

The Bishop Of the Northern Area for the orthodox church (Elias Korbane) with the artists, in the other photo, the Bishop and the father of the Church & Mr. G.Sasine    

People from many areas in Lebanon, and other countries often visit Our Lady of Al-Natour monastery. They mostly visit it
on August 15th of every year to celebrate Virgin Mary's Day.

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