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  I'm still working on this, but it's still gonna be trash™


About the dumbass who made this site

My name is Cassady. I own this god forsaken site. I've been "making"contentsince 2015, and it's been downhill ever since.  [Not Really] I don't really do much, considering I'm a fat lazy fuck. But I wanna try and make something, you know? Anyways, I was born at the age of nothing in a Wawa (I'm from New Jersey) to my mom and dad (wow). Shit was nice with my two older brothers, and then I got a bitch sister and then my parents started arguing and now I don't have a mom anymore. I honed that trama and became a Kindle Fire kid, and used my mom's kindle to make some of my earliest videos. Later, I got my own and made what would become my Youtube account. My account was made November 20th, 2015. I made some videos then had a period of radio scilence because my DAD FORGOT THE FUCKING PASSWORD FOR THE FUCKING ACCOUNT. Anyways, convinced him to reset it in 2017,. and started to make the videos on my channel including a series called Portal Runners, where me and a guy named Jake from New Zealand would play VRChat and record our wacky adventures. He clearly made the superior videos, but boy oh boy was it funny. Around September 29th, 2019 I made a video called Grimance's Awful intenet Show. And by god it was awful. I took it down, and made a new one, creating the original GAIS site, being hosted in freewebs not long before the first new episode. I tried to make a second episode but gave up. And now here I am, making this website with no ideas for content to make. Fun, isn't it?

You can email me and message me on MSN at: [email protected]

Shilling out my social media shit :) [At least I'm honest.]




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