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Electric Railway Presidents' Conference Committee Streetcar (PCC)

Skoda Astra (Single-Ended)

Skoda Astra (Double-Ended) - Portland, Tacoma, & Seattle

UTDC ALRV - Toronto

Bombardier Flexity Classic - Adelaide

Bombardier Flexity Classic - Frankfurt

Bombardier Flexity Outlook - Graz

Bombardier Flexity Outlook - Marseille

Bombardier Flexity Outlook - Strasbourg

Bombardier Flexity Swift - London-Croydon

Bombardier Flexity Swift - Cologne

Bombardier Flexity Swift - Stockholm

Bombardier Flexity Swift - Minneapolis

Kinkisharyo - San Jose

Siemens Avanto - Paris

Siemens S70 - Charlotte

Siemens S70 - Houston

Siemens S70 - Portland

Siemens S70 - San Diego

Siemens SD160 - Calgary

Siemens SD160 - Denver

Siemens SD160 - Edmonton

Siemens SD160 - Salt Lake City

Ansaldobreda - Boston Green Line

Ansaldobreda - Cleveland Light Rail Lines

Ansaldobreda - Los Angeles Light Rail Lines

Ansaldobreda - San Francisco Muni

Stadler - New Jersey River Line Diesel Light Rail

Bombardier Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) Mark II - Vancouver Skytrain

Bombardier Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) Mark II - New York JFK Airtrain

Bombardier Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) Mark II - Kuala Lumpur Putra

Ansaldobreda - Copenhagen Metro

Bombardier - Mexico City Rubber-Tired Metro

Bombardier - Berlin Series HK

Bombardier - New York Subway - Former IRT Lines

Bombardier - Toronto Subway

Ansaldobreda - Atlanta Metro

Ansaldobreda - Los Angeles Metro

Ansaldobreda - Washington Metro

Athens - Proastiakos Suburban Rail Service DMU

Stadler - Austin, Texas DMU

Stadler - Swiss Rack Railway Vehicles

Bombardier - New York City - Metro North & LIRR

Bombardier - Los Angeles - Metrolink

Bombardier - Walt Disney World Monorail

Bombardier - Las Vegas Monorail

Bombardier - Team Monorail Proposal for Seattle Green Line

MTtrans/Monorail Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Hitachi - Large Type and Small Type

Hitachi - Standard Type - Cascadia Monorail Proposal for Seattle Green Line

Siemens VAL - Lille, Toulouse, Rennes, & Turin

Translohr - Padova, Venice, Clermont-Ferrand, & L'Aquila

Ansaldobreda - Seattle Dual Power Bus

New Flyer/Vossloh Kiepe Philadelphia Electric Trolley Bus

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