Great Teacher of Teachers, ORHAN ARI & Great Teachers' Motivational Teaching Skills

  "He was one of the greatest teachers of  our time.                                                    We had a teacher, Ari.. There was teaching…
He did not become a teacher. He was born a teacher"                                                           One must love people -and teach."  
(On great teacher Ari & teaching, Doğrusöz -Kıbrıs, 5 February 1 999)                                                                            (Daşcı -Birleşik Kıbrıs, 19 September 2003)


A great teacher's education leadership, motivational teaching  skills in school management,

student discipline,  parent-teacher meetings, human relations - people skills of great teacher

Orhan Seyfi Ari, a hailed  great educator in educational reforms which popularized education.

Great teachers know what make great teachers. A truly great teacher's motivational teaching skills, educational leadership, people skills can inspire even education reforms. The globally popular teaching skills in education leadership, people skills make great teachers.

Great teachers' motivational teaching skills inspire pupils, students. In public relations, school management, student discipline they are empathic. Educational leadership qualities help great teachers' teaching skills. Great teacher's student relations motivate. In educational human relations, parent teacher meetings, great educators set example. Truly great teachers' people skills can enable education reforms in educational history, and social pride.

'His students made the state and the nation proud'
(Upon the great educator's, teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari's, death - Atun, Leader of  Parliament TRNC 1992 )

How do great teachers do that? What made teacher Ari a great teacher of teachers?..

This educator's motivational teaching skills, educational leadership, public relations made him one of the great teachers. Teacher Ari's motivational teaching skills, education leadership, people skills were hailed in poetry; people named streets after him. What were his main motivational teaching skills in education, student discipline, educational student-teacher-parent relations in school management that made him a great teacher?

Teacher and teaching excellence begin with great teachers' people skills in human relations, motivational teaching skills. Teacher excellence,  being a great teacher demands concern, empathy in teacher student relations. Interpersonal skills aid motivational teaching skills, help be a great teacher.

Orhan Ari's motivational teaching skills and teacher excellence kept students happy in education. His exceptional interpersonal skills in school leadership ensured the co-operation of his colleague teachers.  His human relations skills in education enabled better parent teacher dealings, parents' support. With educational leadership qualities his communication, human relations skills enlisted the help of the community in bettering education, educational opportunities. This great teacher's motivational teaching skills, education leadership, rose above teacher excellence, routine school management. His motivational teaching skills, concern, enabled education reforms, made him a truly great teacher who continues to inspire.

A poem -one of teacher Ari's teaching excellence, great teacher qualities...

"His concern -so sincere!.. Greatly respected everywhere!
Years spent to illuminate… More: hearts, his sultanate!"

(Metiner -Birlik, 23 January 1993)

The poem stresses the great teacher's (in teaching excellence, too) honesty:

"As built his honesty a throne, in every heart, that rules!"

A great teacher cares. Teacher Orhan Ari's great teachers' approach and educational leadership considered a student generally in teacher student relations: students' personal circumstances affected their learning, teaching, education. In this great teacher's school leadership that was not just a teaching, learning theory; it was a practical concern in teaching to educators, good teachers -it enhanced this great teacher's teaching skills...

"...his concern for, and help to, his pupils, extended beyond their educational activities and lives…"
(Fedai -Halkın Sesi, 27 Dececember 1992)

One the qualities of great teachers is that in approaching student behavior management in class (or in head teachers' school discipline) they use student discipline as behaviour education not punishment, with knowledge of a pupil's likes and dislikes and familiarity with students' circumstances. This great teacher applied student discipline with a sincere private discussion and care about students' feelings, without humiliating in school discipline, acknowledging their abilities and potential, with interested appreciation of pupils' nature -teacher Orhan Ari's poetry reflects this:

'Sometimes such fools we were, sometimes smart kids
Sometimes Satan's tools, sometimes with saintly deeds

A great teacher motivates. In parent teacher meetings this great teacher's educational and teaching skills, enhanced by people skills in human relations, included appreciating intrinsic parent-student aspirations. Teacher Orhan Ari, with great teachers' teaching excellence, informed parents of students' good behaviour, educational progress, achievements, making both proud; he explained students' abilities, potential, as incentive for parental educational encouragement of pupils. Orhan Ari's people and motivational teaching skills, education leadership, involved parents less interested in pupils' education, enhancing his staff and colleague teachers', this great educator's student motivation. Great teachers respect social values -it aids teaching excellence, great teachers' parent-pupil motivation:

'In secondary school our teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari took us to weekly prayers'
(Ersoy -Hüryıldız, 23 December 2008)

A great teacher is dedicated. This great teacher's motivation, help to parents and students extended beyond the requirements in teaching and education from teachers, in educational leadership from head teachers. Teacher Ari's people skills and dedication earned him not only his pupils', students', parents' trust, confidence, but usefully to trade-craft trainees in vocational study, also the respect of the business community...

"We'd fallen out, going to lawyers; we came across this teacher Ari…
He said, 'Don't (etc)' -and, so, I was able to complete my apprenticeship"
(Tezel, Golden Frame Interviews -Halkın Sesi İlavesi, 9 May 2004 )

Great teachers are aproachable. Teacher Orhan Ari's teacher excellence in educational human relations, people and teaching skills, not only with motivational teaching kept secondary school pupils interested,  encouraged also the quiet and shy pupils, enjoyed teaching and teacher popularity with his sharp wit, appropriate jokes and approachability; also, with his adult college students this great teacher's popularity was enormous, lasting...

"...I met Orhan Seyfi Ari at college -our friendship continued for years…"
  ( Kitromilides, 'Images from My Life' [ Κιτρομηλιδης, Аναμνησεις Аπο Τη Ζωη Μου ] -Nicholas, London 2002)

Truly great teachers' globally popular educational leadership qualities and motivational teaching skills can make educational history. This great teacher's human relations in educational leadership enabled education reforms -his people skills in education made him popular within and without his community. In retirement from teaching Orhan Ari was invited to visit, inspect schools overseas; at this great teacher's funeral, retired from teaching years before, former students, school pupils carried flowers.

"If a teacher is dedicated people respect him, former students ask after him."
(Nesim, 'Our Forever Shining Suns on Education' [Batmayan Eğitim Güneşlerimiz] -Ministry of Education & Culture KKTC, Ates 1984 -Quote: teacher Ari)

'Teachers Day... Fond memories, on mention of teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari.'
  (Güvenir, Halkın Sesi 27 November 2004)

Great teachers love people, are loved back, remembered. Great teachers' popularity lasts. With teacher and teaching awards, in an unfinished monograph, this great teacher, Orhan Seyfi Ari, saw as his greatest reward ...

'My spiritual reward.. my beloved 'children', my pupils, have achieved success...
The feeling of having been loved by them as I have loved them.'

(Teacher's Day Notice -Kıbrıs, 24 November 2010 -quote : teacher Ari)

From a great teacher motivational teaching and people skills of great teachers!

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