OLPOSTAL gives all weapons
OLASH unlimited ammo
OLJACKPOT full inventory
OLCDS toggles Super Map mode
OLAIRHEAD toggles fly mode; use X and C to move up or down
OLZIP teleports
OLACTORDUMP creates olactor.dmp file in Outlaws directory
(provides object information)
OLANALKIE changes texture alignments
OLAPPEAR forces level boss to appear (only works with Spit and
the Chief)
OLBLACKOPS makes daylight show up in rifle scope in non-3dfx
mode; in 3dfx mode, it lights up objects
OLBOOST adds points and badges while in historic levels; each
successive use adds more points and badges
OLBOUNCE superjump
OLCHECKSUM makes checksum.err file in Outlaws directory
OLDUMP makes Outlaws.dmp file
OLEDIT launches an in-game editor if oleditor.dll is present
OLER full health
OLETHER cloaking mode; invisibility
OLFPS displays frame rate
OLGPS displays player's coordinates when in map mode
OLGUSHE unlimited oil for lamp
OLHITME take one hit
OLHOWMANY shows number of players used in multiplayer levels
OLJTF shows historic mission points, badges, and so on
OLMAPID shows wall ID numbers on map for level
OLMEMDUMP creates olmem.dmp (provides memory information)
OLMEMORY shows memory usage, directories, and so on
OLMOREX adds three hearts to health
OLNETDUMP creates olnet.dmp file (provides network statistics)
OLNETWORK displays network data, connection rate, and so on
OLOPEC extra oil for your lantern
OLPOLYS shows polygon information
OLREALLYHITME take three hits
OLREDLITE freezes enemies; they can be killed only in this state
by using dynamite
OLRUNAWAYTRAIN works on the last set of tracks in the mine level
OLRX add one heart to health
OLSCORE advance to next level
OLSCREENING plays all the end level movies
OLSHADOWS toggles jet pack, then use X key to fly
OLSHOWTEX shows a texture and size
OLSWAB creates olearwax.txt file (sound dump)
OLSTINNETT lets you walk around with the gatling gun
OLTEXTURESCAN textures cleared
OLWIMPY automatically reloads ammo
OLYAHOO gives the bronze sheriff badge
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