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learn: • Flash • • Photoshop • • HTML, CSS, Java • • design • • about the internet •

Flash Kit - one of the best places to learn Flash

Flash Zone

Macromedia -they created it


eyeball designs

Designs by Mark

hands-on training by Doc Ozone

planet photoshop PS classes

Web Monkey - excellent

The folks who make the rules

free web design layouts

make easy rainbow text

resources for web masters

?? Jessett - great Dreamweaver tutorials

Dimitry's Design Lab
   desktop publishing
   graphic design

Graphic Design Basics

John Lovett - artist, teacher

history of the internet @ PBS & here

how the internet works (one of many places)

maps of some big internet servers

find: • info • • clipart • • free photos • • audio • • software •

Merriam Webster: WWWebster Dictionary
With Thesaurus, too.

Encyclopedia Britannica online encyclopedia

Encarta Encyclopedia online encyclopedia

google (the king of search engines) - huge knowledge base made by real people

*note: Using any content (images, text) without the permission from the author is against the law. Read the copyright statement for each site - usually found at the bottom of the page.

free Graphic User Interface stuff - worth seeing

1-click-clip art

tons of clip art from Microsoft

Flaming text

Free Gaphics

Gif art

Absolutely free clipart

Royalty free clipart

* These sites offer free and royalty-free photographs.

some guy shares his photos/computer graphics

free Stock Photos - just like the name says

more photos

Free images

somebody makes their photos available

Primal Pics

Images from NASA

more space photos from NASA

other NASA space photos

space photos

Space photos

pictures of beautiful places

pictures of Paris

pictures of places

also: sites that offer "desktop wallpaper" can be a good source for pictures.

Flash Kit - tons of sound effects & loops

Free Play Music - gigabites of free sounds/music - get yer shareware & freeware here

Macromedia - makers of:
Dreameaver (web design)
Flash (vector animation and interaction)
ColdFusion (server language)
and much more

Adobe - makers of:
Photoshop (the ultimate graphic program)
Go Live (web design)
Live Motion (a Flash copy)
and much more

Microsoft - makers of:
Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc)
Frontpage (web design)
ASP (server language)
and much more

cool sites: • Flash • • Javascript • • nice design • • indexes • • movies •

websight - very cool

2 Advanced - nice design, Flash

the ant - self-promotion site

wireframe - advanced Flash interaction

constructor - an old example of Javascript on the web. So cool it makes nuns cuss

Banana Republic

Silver Sails

Apple Computer

Grant Huhn's main site

some of Grant's friends

Cool Home Pages - gigantic, catagorized list of cool pages

trailers to TONS of movies
(requres Quicktime)

Sony pictures site

misc: • the best price • • people •      

pricewatch - computer stuff - hottest daily deals on the internet

prices on anything
   yahoo shopping
   Price Grabber

if they have a Yahoo account

if they have a MSN account

if they are listed in any phone book in America


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