Grand Canyon Project:
Day Two
Tuesday May 9, 2000


723 miles by the end of the day.  There were thunderstorms all night and in the morning it was cool and rainy. It never got very warm.

Hereís what we learned about the people who live and work along Route 66 during our second day of traveling.

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The Innkeepers

People who run cool old motels struggle to make a living, just like we do. These are the owners of the Monger Moss Hotel in Lebanon, MO.

Whitehall Mercantile

We arenít the only ones with a college educations who choose to collect junk. This is Larry White who runs Whitehall Mercantile with his family in Halltown, OK. He is a fellow trash picker originally from Indiana who has several college and masters degrees and who likes to talk and shares our excitement about big trash day.

Clanton's Cafe

We learned that some family businesses are still around. This is Clantonís Cafe where we met Melissa, the fourth generation owner, plus the stuffed hogís head dressed for gardening and the singing plastic fish. We also had a really good meal served by Kay. Clantonís is in Vinita, OK.

Flooding in Missouri and Oklahoma

Before we left Evansville, we heard that parts of Missouri and Oklahoma were flooded, but itís different to see evidence of this first hand.

Amy getting her head chomped!

We never knew that Oklahoma could be such a dangerous placeóat least here at the Exotic Animal Paradise.

"We were once so close to heaven..."

So much stuff, so little time. Jane almost drove off the road when she saw this place. It was her greatest adventure thus far.

So much cool stuff!
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