Grand Canyon Project:
The Banner


This is the giant banner that was made in Patchwork Central’s after school art program this past spring.  The children created large self portraits which were cut out and pasted onto a cloth that they had painted to represent the Grand Canyon.  At the bottom of the banner is a “strata study” detailing significant events in the children’s lives for each year of their life, much in the way the layers of rock at the Grand Canyon (and elsewhere) have recorded their own chronological record.

Amy & Jane are displaying and photographing this banner at every stop along their way.  To see these photos, check out their daily reports beginning with Day One.  The banner is, however still being added to; Jane & Amy are asking the people they meet to sign and write a note on it for the kids back in Evansville. 

The banner will hopefully also appear in small town newspapers along Amy & Jane’s route, as they plan on making contact with local media.

In August, after they have had sufficient time to recuperate from their journey, Jane & Amy will display the much augmented banner, photos & sound recordings from the trip, as well as art they have created from ‘things’ found along the way.

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