You’re Due

I have met so many folks as I’ve traveled o’er this land
And just what they’ve meant to me I can’t make you understand.
They’ve made me what I’ve become and touched me in many ways,
They were there when life was dark and they brightened gloomy days.

When I came into their lives how warmly they welcomed me
And I saw the side of folks that few are able to see.
For the gruff exteriors that so often folks put on
In the solace of the home with good friends so soon are gone.

And the shy and quiet type will so often overflow
With the greatest affection if their love you’ll let them show.
It’s the little “sweetnesses” that make this life worth living
And if you’ll give them a chance you’ll find most folks forth-giving.

For, most of us are the same, we just want some affection;
We need love from each other:  In this we find protection.
And most folks that I have met have just enough love to share,
It is found just where you are – anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy the love of others; it is all they have to give,
Unless you learn this lesson you haven’t begun to live;
Take in the love of others, and offer your own love, too,
You will find the strength in this you will need to make it through.

For love is a two-way street, and you must give to receive;
This system your greatest cares and fears and pain will relieve.
But someone has to go first, why not make that someone you?
You’ll only receive in return the love that you are due.

H. L. Gradowith


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