What To Do With A Grouch

A happy song in honor of Lee Ann’s 18th birthday

[Lee Ann Smith, my oldest daughter, turns 18 on February 13, 2002.  She (along with her sister and mother) has long been a trusted adviser and critic (in the nicest sense) of these poems, and while she appreciates the “sad” ones, or the ones that deal with death (etc.), she prefers the “happy” ones.  So here is a happy one in her honor.]

What To Do With A Grouch
It may be a bit hard to find,
Especially if you are down;
But, inside, most people are kind
And would much rather smile than frown.

Though some appear grouchy and rough
And seem to like being alone,
They enjoy laughing enough…
They just don’t want that to be known.

I’ve known people who would not smile
At least not when others could see,
Though frowning outside all the while,
Their insides were shouting with glee.

I don’t know what makes them that way,
But I know it’s an awful shame;
That’s why I take time ev’ry day
To be nice to them just the same.

Oh, it’s true that they push and shove
And bully their way all along,
But, will me not showing them love
Make right what I think in them wrong?

Tell the very next grouch you meet
That you hope he’ll have a nice day,
Draw not back in silent retreat –
Love sent may again come your way.
Who knows? You just might be the one
To bring his gruff ways to an end,
Be nice – show him how to have fun:
You might of him make a good friend!
H. L. Gradowith
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