Twenty-Five Cents

I'm always one dollar short and one day late,
And the man on the phone says that he can't wait...
He must have his money and I'd better pay --
Or he'll come and take all of my things away.

I remember when life didn't cost so much,
We didn't worry about money and such;
It's true we had little, but we owed no man...
I'd like to go back... do you think that I can?

The wife may be sick or the kids have the flu,
That doesn't matter -- no excuses will do!
Pay up now, or else -- I dare not ask "else what?"
But, how can I give him what I haven't got???

"My pick-up needs tires, and my roof has a leak,
Don't you think that you can give me one more week?"
But he is unmoved by my genuine pleas ---
He just keeps on talking about the late fees.

Now, if I don't have what I owe him today,
How does he think that I'll be able to pay
More, come tomorrow -- why, it doesn't make sense!
A five-dollar bill aint worth twenty-five cents.

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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