“Thou Knowest Not…”

“Thou knowest not what a day may bring forth…”
 The future I cannot see,
I live each moment for all it is worth
 And wonder what I shall be.

I think I understand my self today,
 The present I’m sure I see;
But honestly I’d be hard pressed to say
 Just how things came thus to be.
What was it that made us the way we are?
 Did we do it all alone?
Did we chart the course that brought us this far?
 Or, were we the pathway shown?

Is there a man whose wisdom cast the die
 That made us who we’ve become?
Tell me, if you can, who he is and why
 He made life so troublesome!
Not myself, nor any man, is so wise
 As to do all this alone;
No man below could ever realize
 None could see – none could have known.

Many lives came together many ways…
 Some by chance, some by design;
Endless encounters, endless nights and days
 In my life did all combine.
The will of others and choices I made
 Made me what I am today;
A moment hastened, a moment delayed…
 Who knows which brought me this way?

Many things, often unseen, fix our course,
 In ways unknown to us then;
That which we know not is an awesome force,
 Far stronger than mortal men.
A chance encounter, a call from a friend,
 Or, perhaps something we’ve seen?
Who knows just what brought our lives to this end?
 And who knows what might have been?

It’s clear we know not why life’s ordered so,
 We just can’t see the details;
The best we can do is to onward go
 Knowing that past knowledge fails.
Now if we don’t know how we came to be,
 Nor know we of yesterday,
How could we ever our future course see?
 Can some man show us the way?

Much greater than man must this Seer be,
 Wiser, too, and stronger far;
This One must be able all things to see…
 All things as they truly are.
He must not be bound by death and decay,
 Nor passions common to all;
He must have been watching from life’s first day
 And also He must ne’er fall.

He exists, I know, but He’s not revealed
 The answers that I now seek;
The future, just as the past, is concealed
 From the ignorant and weak.
Such are all men, for we know not just why
 Or how today came to be;
We only know that we’ll live ‘til we die
 Just when or how we can’t see…

It is ours’ to do what this One commands,
 We’re to trust Him and obey…
Happily meeting His ev’ry demand
 As here we pursue our way.
In His own good time He’ll beckon us home,
 And there give us our reward;
Then from His bosom we’ll nevermore roam,
 Safe in the arms of the Lord!

It is true that I know not many things,
 “Tomorrow” or “yesterday”;
Yet I know that someday on angel’s wings
 With Him I will fly away…
He Who knows is in charge and all is well,
 In this we give Him the praise;
He Who knows is in charge and all is well:
 And shall be through endless days.

H. L. Gradowith


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