This World Can’t Contend

This world can’t contend with the Son of my God,
    It matters not what it tries to do;
Many years ago the paths of men He trod,
    He knows the way that leads safely through!
The battles I fight may tax all of my strength,
    And it may look as if I will fall,
The victory, I know, will be mine at length,
    When I hear the resurrection call!

Sometimes this old world is a frightening place,
    Hidden terrors cause my heart to fear;
Dark memories time, it seems, cannot erase,
    Each day brings only tear after tear.
Then my mind reflects upon the Saviors face,
    Rejoicing as He bids me draw near;
From my heart all sorrow He only can chase,
    In His love all my fears disappear.

The death of a loved one brings tears to my eyes,
    As I’m left in this world all alone;
I know, but it’s still so hard to realize
    To a better world they now have flown.
The body, I know, is all that really dies,
    The spirit within lives ever on.
With Jesus His own have a home in the skies
    The likes of which this world has not known.
The dark clouds of turmoil oft gather about,
    It seems that all I can do is weep;
My faith then wavers as my heart fills with doubt,
    And the demons all around me creep.
Just when I am sure that I’ll soon be cast out
    Like Jonah in the ship on the deep,
Off in the distance I hear Gabriel shout!
    And to faithfulness once more I leap!

It’s true that sometimes I grow weary and weak,
    And I do what I know to be wrong;
But I come to myself and His mercy seek,
    He forgives and helps me all along.
He’s keeping a book as I live here each day,
    A book of all that I say and do;
He sees ev’rything that I do on the way,
    He knows if I am faithless or true.

The chapter that counts in this book is the last,
    What matters most is how my life ends;
The blood of Calvary erases the past,
    The wages of my sin it rescinds.
I’ve now put my faith in His mighty power,
    I’m walking in the pathway of light;
I patiently wait for that blessed hour
    When He’ll call me to heavenly flight!

H. L. Gradowith

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