There's A Place

There's a place in a land far away
That commands my attention today,
As I face many temptations sore
My thoughts drift to that beautiful shore.

In that place all my cares will be gone,
And my labors below will be done,
My tired body at last will find rest
When I enter that home of the blest.

No more tears there will fall from my eyes
In that land where no one ever dies,
'Tis the place Jesus went to prepare...
How I long to be with Him up there.

Here I often am troubled and tried,
And of life's finer things I'm denied;
But in Heaven, I really believe,
Of His fullness at last I'll receive.

There's a place in a land far away
That I'm longing to visit today,
There I'll face no more temptations sore:
How I long for that beautiful shore!

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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