..........The Same Jesus..........

If He doesn't mean to you what He once meant,
     If for Him you no longer care,
Remember on Calvary His blood was spent…
     And your sins were what nailed Him there.

If you're not as close to Him as you once were,
     If you've drifted far from the shore,
Then what of Him do you no longer prefer?
     And what for you could He do more?

If your heart's not touched by the grand old story
     Of His marvelous sacrifice,
How can you expect a home up in glory?
     For you've nothing to pay the price...

If you're not now standing where once you did stand,
     If you've turned aside from the way,
How do you expect to reach the Promised Land…
     The home of never-ending day?

What happened to make you forget Him Who paid
     The debt that you could never pay?
Return and repent and then be not afraid:
     He'll keep you safe against that day!

He's still the same Jesus Who cleansed you from sin,
     And to you He still calls in love;
Delay no longer -- the trip to Him begin:
     He's a home for you up above!

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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