This Page features links to TV Shows etc. from years ago.  If you think that the link
implies an endorsement by me of all that is featured on the page, you either 1) don't
know me very well, or 2) haven't really thought it through yet;  either way, it
doesn't mean anything.  I just thought some might enjoy these links.  I hope I
am correct!  Tim

General TV Show Pages:

Classic TV Show pages!

A Very Good TV Show Collection

Nick At Nite and TV Land

Three Stooges Pages

An Official Three Stooges Page

Another Three Stooges Official Page

An Unofficial (?) Three Stooges Page

Abbott and Costello Page

Abbott and Costello Homepage!

The Unofficial Abbott and Costello Page

Happy Days Pages

 Happy Days Online!

A Happy Days Page

Lavern and Shirley Page

Lavern and Shirley

Very Good Gilligan's Island Page

Gilligan's Island Fan Club Page

Cheers Page


Frasier Page


I Love Lucy Pages

I Love Lucy online

 I Love Lucy Songs and Sounds

All In The Family (Archie Bunker) Page

 All In The Family

The Jeffersons Pages

An Unofficial Jeffersons Homepage

The Jeffersons -- a page dedicated to them.

Sanford and Son Page

Sanford and Son

M*A*S*H Pages

 The M*A*S*H 4077th Homepage


 Best Care Anywhere (MASH Page)

 Jeff's 4077th Site

 M*A*S*H Images

 M*A*S*H* The Homepage


Little House On The Prarie Page -- Dealing with the TV show and the real-life story

 The Definitive Laura Ingalls Wilder Homepage

Some Very Good Get Smart pages --

Get Smart Page

 Another Get Smart Page

Get Smart Movie Page

Get Smart Bloopers

Would You Believe??? Get Smart

 Bernie Kopell Page

Always one of my favorites -- Andy Griffith Pages

 Lot's of Luck To You And Yours... Andy Griffith

 The New Andy Griffith Show page

Right Up there near AG has to be DVD

 The Dick Van Dyke Show

 The Dick Van Dyke Show -- Open 4 Ever

Check up on Jed, Granny, Jethro and Elly...

 The Beverly Hillbillies

...The Place to be...

 Green Acres

People walk a country mile for their chicken country-style at the Junction:

 Petticoat Junction

Here comes

 The Addams Family

Check up on the Keatons:

 Family Ties

The Facts of life

 The Facts of Life

Cartoon Pages

Cartoon Network

Flintstones Page

The Jetsons

The Muppets Homepage

Colonels Hogan and Clink, Shultz, etc. etc. etc.

 Hogan's Heroes

Ralph Kramden and company:

 The Honeymooners

One of my all-time favorites:

 The Unofficial Bob Newhart Page

America's favorite Radio Station

 WKRP In Cincinnati

Taxi -- the TV comedy

 Unofficial Taxi Fanpage

Ma and Pa Kettle

 Ma and Pa Kettle Page

TV Police Shows

 ADAM 12

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