..........Start Over..........

If I had to start over
With nothing -- just as before,
Forgetting all that I learned,
An innocent babe once more...

I'd happily start over
With the same mother and dad,
And yes, I'd still like to have
The family that I had.

I'd like to learn the lessons
I learned from those who loved me,
Yes -- even the painful ones
I learned on my daddy's knee.

How I'd like to hear mother
Again sing "Amazing Grace",
Or go on Sunday morning
To church and see Granddad’s face.

I'd like to see my old friends
Just as they were way back then;
Our burdens weren't so heavy,
Nor the crowns so hard to win.

But I cannot start over,
Nor can I roll back the years,
I can't erase the hard times
Nor forget the bitter tears.

No matter how much I miss
Those innocent days of old
I can never re-live them --
They are as a tale that's told.

I must but profit from them,
And cherish the memories;
So fondly I'll recall them,
Till in death my spirit flees.

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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