Life is a series of chances,
And what we choose to do each day
Determines if we're successful
Ere time comes when we pass away.
For it is not the obstacles,
That are so common to all men,
That determine our worthiness
The crown of victory to win.
For each man faces temptation
And we all have that which we fear,
Life is at best brief and fleeting
And danger always lingers near.

We've chances to do what is wrong,
And chances to do what is right,
Each chance is a double-edged sword --
And will lead to darkness or light.
Each cloud has its silver lining,
And for each hole somewhere's a mound;
By the one who decides wisely
The silver lining shall be found.
You may stare in awe at the hole
Wondering who dug it and why,
Or, perhaps you'll overlook it,
And blindly fall in it and die.

But whatever you do -- you do...
May you profit from this foresight:
The hole and the cloud just alike
Give you chances to do what's right.
While it's true you may try and fail,
'Tis better at least to have tried;
For he who never risks failing
Is doomed in defeat to abide.
For just what does it mean 'to win'
If not 'to overcome defeat'?
So, he who will not risk losing
With victory never shall meet.

And, so what if one tries and fails --
Does that mean he should not have tried?
To him who will not risk losing
The victory's always denied.
Blame not on the "power" of choice
The troubles and cares you may face,
The choices that you make yourself
Work to bring you joy or disgrace.
So think when you are confronted
With two roads down which you may go,
Be careful, be prudent, be sure:
For where the roads lead you don't know.

Learn what you can and consider
What others before you have done,
Then decide, be firm, and press on --
For the trip’s then but just begun.

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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