One Greater

Many great men and good in this world did dwell,
They’re fondly remembered for what they did well;
Some offered inventions; some had things to sell –
But of one far greater I’d now like to tell:

He entered this world in a land far away,
How the angels rejoiced on that special day!
Wise men from afar sought Him without delay –
Wise men still long to hear what He has to say.

He excelled in all things before God and men,
His enemies failed to find in Him one sin;
One purer than He, friends, there never has been:
Those who will come to Him a life-crown shall win!

To John near Jordan He went to be baptized,
Just who He was so few of them realized;
Many temptations Satan for Him devised –
So pure and sinless, yet by hell so despised.

The angels in heaven His praises all sing!
Yet the weakest of this world to Him may cling;
He bids us our burdens to Him freely bring:
He cares for the pauper as well as the king.

He many great lessons His followers taught,
On what they should do and on what they should not,
It’s clear that He thought things none else ever thought:
He only can teach us to live as we ought.

His time here was short – only thirty-three years,
In Gethsemane He faced man’s greatest fears;
His cries for deliverance fell on deaf ears:
Then Calvary brought to His mother’s eyes tears.

Betrayed and forsaken by one of His own,
One to whom great mercy in life He had shown,
No greater betrayal has one ever known:
For He reaped the harvest of seeds He’d not sown.

The blood from His veins for our sins paid the price,
Oh, where would we be without His sacrifice?
For no other price for our sins will suffice:
And if you don’t know Him, friend, take my advice –

Give ear to the gospel, that soul-saving word,
Come learn of the Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord.
Repent, confess, be immersed, and press toward
“The mark for the prize…” you’ll not lose your reward.

Our Savior is faithful – “For God cannot lie…”
So serve Him always – until the day you die,
The Lord will not leave you – “He is ever nigh…”
Some day He’ll greet you in the “Sweet By and By”.

H. L. Gradowith

March 28, 2002


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